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Just a quick entry to let you all know we are still here and still waiting for Baby Fly to make an appearance. I've been really, really run down as I only sleep a couple hours at a time (late pregnancy pain and stuff) and shortly I am going to take a bath and go to bed. Poor [ profile] ptor got very sick today with some sort of virus which has caused wicked vertigo among other things. The doctor prescribed some anti-dizzy medication and that has helped.

It has been a long day.

The garden in doing well and I am anxiously awaiting the ripening of my tomatoes. I tend to plant late so I have late harvests which works well in this climate as we often have heat well through October.

Rocco visited Harlie through the back door again today. He was also hunkered down watching the birds feed, but every time he moves his bell jingles on his collar and the birds scatter until he leaves. He is a funny cat. Harlie has been super-clingy and cuddly. We love our little fur-baby. Today, however, she was very frustrated that [ profile] ptor wouldn't play with her.

If there is news of Baby Fly that we are unable to post (as in we are in the hospital) [ profile] catzen will post it in [ profile] baby_fly and [ profile] catzen_announce (the latter [ profile] catzen created when I had sinus surgery).
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Our garden is turning into a tomato jungle. I did not anticipate some of the plants getting five feet tall. Yikes. Some have gotten so big already they've tipped their cages. [ profile] ptor just helped me with some emergency staking and the plants are much more stable now.

And, damn, there is a lot of fruit out there. I wish it would hurry up and rippen.

The tomatillo plants are getting ready to set fruit as well which is great. I wish I'd gotten more of them going. I probably also did not need this many tomato plants and could have had a more diverse garden, but oh well--I have serious moderation issues when it comes to tomatoes. At least I have many, many different kinds of tomatoes--it is fascinating to see all the different shapes, colors and sizes of the fruit. I am very glad we got that canning book and some canning supplies.

The sunflowers are blooming up a storm and a few are reaching the eight foot mark. Quite gorgeous and large, which makes me very happy.

garden pics

Aug. 7th, 2006 02:04 am
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We've got sunflowers blooming and tomatoes developing and moving towards ripening. This is all very good.

first red sunflower

080606 024

Teddy Bear sunflower

Marmande tomatoes

Click on any of the photos to see them bigger and to see more.
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My tomato plants are starting to fruit. Yay! The sunflowers are also growing and many should be opening soon. Much happiness.

My marmande tomatoes starting to fruit. I grew these from seed.
first marmande tomatoes starting

more garden photos )
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I have never seen anything grow as quickly and as prolificly as potatoes. [ profile] ptor planted some sprouty potatoes in one of our barrels a few weeks ago and ::poof:: we have enough foliage already for it to be near shrub status. Insane. Pictures soon.

I am also pleased to report that we have okra and tomatillo sproutage and almost all the tomato plants have begun to flower which means fruit setting soon.

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A few weeks ago I planted my first tomato seeds in their little start-greenhouse.  I got 12 starts, which dwindled to 9 and I didn't get as much variety as I wanted (I bought 14 varieties of heirloom seeds this year).  I had used the lid on the container which turned out to be a mistake as it got too humid and that retarded the start process.  So, I cleaned out the non-used slots and replanted some seeds and didn't place the lid on.

Holy crap.

I now have 43 starts all of which look viable.  And they are still sprouting.  Yes, we have a yard, but it's not that big.  I am going to thin them soon to get the numbers down and so that those sharing slots will have a better chance. 

But, crap, I didn't except this many. I mean, I love tomatoes and all and wish I could have forty plus plants, but that just seems a bit excessive.

We will probably invest in some containers to put on the deck so we can have even more tomato-planting space, but we will still probably have many plants that can go to good homes in a few weeks.

[personal profile] loracs? Anyone?
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I have twelve tomato sprouts of seven different varieties so far. Luckily, I have a good mix in terms of what has sprouted--one green variety, a yellow, red beefsteak, a black/purple variety and a small red. I am hoping for a few more in the next day or so, and if not I will re-plant a few. I had a minor mishap with my tomato mini-greenhouse thing as it got, and stayed, too damp and I lost a few sprouts before I recognized the problem and took the damned lid off. The sprouts are much happier now.

I planted sunflower seeds in the back today, along with a couple of basil plants. I have some pepper plants that need to go in the ground maybe tomorrow or Monday. We also need to start some pepper, onion and lettuce seeds.

I planted marigolds in the front flower bed and acquired some other flowering plants that I still need to get in the ground such as blue delphiniums (one of our wedding flowers), yellow dahlias and some others whose names escape me at the moment.

[ profile] ptor mowed our hay lawns today. Mowing has become too difficult on my back so I am very grateful he was able to get it done today as the lawns were really overgrown. He also edged the lawns and bushes and it all looks much beter. I pulled about a million weeds in the backyard flower/herb/pepper bed as well which made that look a lot better.

Our artichoke plant continues to produce and grow, which is very cool.

We still have lots to do, but we are getting there.
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We braved Home Despot on a Saturday afternoon because we needed to rent a tiller. We also needed a garden cart and they had a model we really like there. Renting the tiller was easy. Getting the damned garden cart was a ridculously complicated experience. Let's just say if you are too lazy/stupid/hungover/stoned, or any combination thereof, to handle your job as one of the many random clerks in the garden department (which was way overstaffed, even for a very busy Saturday), then maybe you should just quit and save us all the trouble. So damned obnoxious and tiring. But get the cart we did. Then we went to the San Leandro dump where there was a line (it didn't occur to me there would be a line at the dump) and we got a truckload of compost for the garden. Then home and [ profile] ptor assembled the garden cart and I pulled the remaining onions out of the garden bed that was to be tilled, and started on my tomato seed planting while visiting with [ profile] catzen. I got the seeds all planted and labeled in their start containers and [ profile] ptor poured the compost and tilled the garden area (tilling at this point in the pregnancy was determined to not be the wisest thing). Now we have a nice garden area all turned over and filled with compost. Yay! Tomato seeds are in their mini-greenhouse thing in the window box and tomorrow we will plant sunflowers and a few other things out in the garden.

I felt well enough this evening to actually make a full dinner and we both were happy with it. We had salad of red leaf lettuce and baby spinach with gorgonzola crumbles and homemade balsamic vinaigrette, mashed potatoes made with fingerling and russet potatoes with spring garlic and onions (from the garden), sunburst squash and snow peas stir fried with olive oil, garlic and lemon, and some veggie buffalo wings. It was all very good, but I made way too much of the potatoes, so we will be eating those for a few days. The sunburst squash was particularly good. I had dessert of a kiwi fruit and [ profile] ptor had some port.

[ profile] ptor is resting on the couch and I am going to take a bath, then bed, then rehearsal in the morning and more garden and house chores throughout the day. Lots to do, lots to do.

yard love

Apr. 26th, 2006 03:51 pm
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I love our backyard.

I love that we grow things in it and there are lovely blooming flowers and thistles and soon there will be tomatoes and sunflowers. And basil, oregano, okra, tomatillos and peppers.

I love looking out the window and seeing the sparrows, finches, mourning doves and the occasional cranky scrub jays on the feeder and on the deck. I love seeing the doves resting on the deck and hearing them coo. I love the random hummingbirds that zip past when I am sitting out on the deck. I love the funny squirrels, scrounging for food, even though their insistence on messing with the bird feeders drives me bonkers. I even love the ever-cranky crows, squawking overhead.

I love listening to the windchimes either from inside the house with the windows open or while working in the yard. I love wathcing the birds at the feeder when I am outside and they decide I am not a threat. I love listening to all the random bird noises that I cannot even identify. I love hearing the rustling of birds hiding in the photinia.

I feel very forunate to be able to enjoy all this.

This weekend we will hopefully be getting some compost and reting a tiller to prep the main garden plot. I am very much looking forward to it.
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I took advantage of the nice light at about 7:00pm and got some nice shots of our thistles and other garden things in our backyard.

Baby Artichoke
baby artichoke

Volunteer Calla Lily
volunteer calla lily in backyard

a couple more here )
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Went out back today and was poking around and noticed that while we weren't looking one of our artichoke plants has flowered and has at least one lovely thistle near ready to pick! So exciting. I wasn't expecting it to bloom this year (we put it in late last year) so it is a treat. I also discovered a volunteer common (white) calla lily, which was a great suprise. I planted a yellow calla lily plant last year, but no white ones--it must have blown over from the neighbors or something. I love volunteers.


Mar. 10th, 2006 10:45 am
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I ordered heirloom tomato seeds yesterday. Yay! I cannot wait until tomato season. So, so excited. I showed restraint when ordering and only purchased fourteen varieties. my purchases )
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Over the weekend I harvested a few pounds of tomatillos from the garden as well as several pounds of tomatoes and a few bell pepeprs. Oddly enough, we still have tomatoes ripening. Yay for Mediterranean climates! The tomatillos will be turned into salsa and possibly a soup. The tomatoes we are just eating and eating and eating... Last night was capellini tossed with olive oil, garlic, basil and lots of cherry tomatoes. Yum. The night before was my version of my favorite breakfast cafe's "Hacienda Homefries"--steamed yukon gold potaoes lightly pan fried with green bell pepper, scallions, yellow tomato, red onion and butter then topped with cheddar cheese and salsa, heated until the cheese melted then served with a bit of sour cream and tabasco sauce. Really, really good. The pepper, scallions, and tomatoes were all from the garden as well. I love our yard!
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I made homemade bruschetta for the first time tonight and it was fabulous. Homegrown tomatoes and basil added to its wonderfulness.

I also made walnut pesto that was frikkin' fabulous mixed with some fresh tomatoes on pasta. Yum, yum, yum!
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Tomato harvest is in full swing in our garden. I have close to twenty ripe tomatoes, at least 4-5 in the 1lb range, on the counter right now and more that will be ready to pluck from the vine in the next day or so. And that's not counting the cherry tomatoes. One tomatillo plant is slowing down, but another is producing loads of fruit that will be ready soon. We already enjoyed a great chipotle-tomatillo salsa last week with our tomatillos and made our way through a huge bowl of kiwi-tomato salsa made with our tomatoes. Yum! Our onions and bell peppers are doing well as well.

We are really enjoying our garden this year.
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For a break, I finally got some new photos uploaded and decided to share:

red sunflower glowing from sunlight
sunflower with sunlight

ripening tomatoes
ripening tomatoes

garden harvest
garden harvest

beautiful Harlie
Sun and licks

Lots of other new photos have been added to Harlie's set and the garden set.

Full garden set here.

Full Harlie set here
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Made it to Friday. Thank the gods!

It has been a long week with too little sleep.


This weekend will be a challenge as I have 15 hours of rehearsal to get through over Saturday and Sunday. I may try to beg off of 2.5 of them to make my life a bit easier and less hectic.

Oh, pictures from the Rosin Coven Dance Revue we were in are up at the Rosin Coven site here. (Both the Great American Music Hall sets of pictures are from that night). And here is a spiffy picture of me and Kirk on stage.

I have more from the show, including some [ profile] rmjwell took that I still need to get up on our site. In my spare time. Until then, you can see a collage here: here.

It looks like we may be doing the Revue again with Rosin Coven. Yay!


Our tomatoes are really into full ripening mode which is great, as are the tomatillos. Maybe I'll make some salsa at some point this weekend. Several sunflower plants have reached over eight feet tall. They are beautiful and wondrous as always. I have more garden pictures to upload and post soon.


Good and bad family news this week. The good news is that one of my cousins, who is a fairly well-known bluegrass musician, played at the Grand Ole Opry last Friday night. A picture of the show is here. My dad, a lesser-know bluegrass musician is quite excited. The bad news is that another cousin of mine has cervical cancer. She is only 31 and has three children and no insurance. She starts chemo very soon. ::sigh::


I have been playing with crocheting this past week and am enjoying it. I learned to chain stitch when I was a kid, but that was all I could ever successfully do--I learned the basics of knitting much faster as a kid (though I've forgotten them). Anyhow, I am learning to read and follow crochet patterns and am having fun. It is a little rough on my hands, so I can only do it for so long at a time.


That is all for now. Must finish up work.
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From my time in the garden today:

Halfway open
Halfway open

Glowing sunflower
Beautiful red sunflower glowing from sun

Cut for the insect squeamish )

As usual, the pictures link to the full sets which have been updated today.

Of course, Harlie's set has been updated as well :)
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It's hard to describe how joyful I feel when I get a picture like the one below, especially when I look at the detail I managed to capture (visible of course in the large versions of the photo).

Tomatillo in sunlight

I really do love working on photography.

The garden is growing and more photos of sunflowers, tomatoes, peppers and such have been added here.
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Slowish day (day off from rehearsal--yay!)--we had lunch with [ profile] catzen, got the oil changed in the Scion, got [ profile] ptor some more shorts and me some more dance tanks at Old Navy, poked around the yard, spent some extra-nice time together, went for nice walk, and are now getting ready to make soup and work on more thank you notes.

While in the garden today I took some more garden pictures. The sunflowers are starting to bloom and the tomatoes are beginning to really ripen.
An example:
Cherry tomatoes ripening
Click on the photo to see the full set.

I also took some (more) Harlie pictures and started a set:
What a face!
Click on Harlie to see the full set.


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