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Adventures of a Maude in Training

"I may not be a size five, but I am free."

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Birthdate:Dec 17
Location:California, United States of America
"I may not be a size five, but I am free."--Michelle Bancroft "Be, Being, Becomming"

So few words, so succinct, but so full of meaning. A mere eleven words, written by someone else, somehow capture a large part of what is me.

Where to start...

I am a dancer, research/data analyst, sunflower lover, masters swimmer, deadhead, phish phan, fat activist, non-apologetic feminist, dotcom survivor, non-profit director, sometimes teacher, vegetarian, partner, lover, and friend.

I am fat, talented, creative, strong, muscular, bisexual, wiccan, polyamorous, female, strong-willed, body positive, intelligent, passionate, left of liberal, queer, and sex-postive.

I love to cook, garden, read, write, dance, swim, walk among the trees, take pictures, think, travel, create, listen to music, go to concerts, perform on stage, swim in meets, and be with those I love.

My interests list will tell you some more specifics about the above, and you will learn even more by actually wading through my journal.

A lot of what I write is friends only, so if you want to be added, please drop me a comment or email.

I occasionally post adult material to this journal; underage viewers should not proceed. This warning is made in cooperation with LiveJournal's request for such statements.

Interests (150):

aerial dance, alice walker, american pop culture, animal rights, armisted maupin, attachment parenting, bdsm, beastie boys, beer, ben harper, big burlesque, big moves, bisexual activism, bisexuality, bitch magazine, blues traveler, body image, breastfeeding, bridge school benefit, burlesque, cake, cats, childbirth, chocolate, coen brothers, contact improv, cookbooks, cooking, costuming, dance, dancing, disordered eating, documentaries, drumming, drums, eating disorders, epidemiology, fat acceptance, fat liberation, fat!so?, feminism, feminist theory, fetish wear, film noir, gardening, gender studies, german, girlfags, good vibrations, grateful dead, herbs, hip-hop dance, independent bookstores, independent film, jam bands, jazz dance, jerry garcia, joan osborne, julia alvarez, katha pollitt, kevin smith, kristi martel, kurt vonnegut, language, learning theory, linux, live music, lyrical dance, margaret atwood, margaret cho, marge piercy, masters swimming, mazzy star, mendocino, michael moore, moby, modern dance, molly ivins, mother jones, muppets, music, neurology, non-monogamy, northern california, nutella, off our backs, on our backs, organic farming, paganism, pearl jam, phish, photography, physiological psychology, political satire, polyamory, pop culture, portuguese, post-modern dance, pregnancy, psychology, psychopharmacology, queer, queer activism, queer rights, queer studies, queer theory, radical feminism, rap music, reading, relationships, rem, rhythm tap dance, rock music, salvidor dali, savion glover, sex, sexuality, size acceptance, social psychology, sonoma county wine, south park, spanish, sunflowers, surrealism, swimming, tap dance, the beatles, the colbert report, the daily show, tie-dye, toni morrison, travel, u2, utne reader, valrhona, vbac, vegan cooking, veganism, vegetarian cooking, vegetarianism, wicca, wildflowers, wine, wombabes, wombat, wombats, womboinks, women's rights, women's studies, writing
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