Feb. 27th, 2016

cassidyrose: (yellow sunflower in garden)
Photo of the Day 02/26/16: Spring's Promise

Last summer we visited the county fair a couple times as we typically do. This year we were there on the final day and I had forgotten that that was the day when all the plants in the garden/landscaping displays went on sale. We went to the sale and S. picked out a cactus, and we got a pomegranate tree and blueberry bush for our yard. The blueberry bush is currently in full bloom with a promise of many berries to come. I shot this late this afternoon of its lovely flowers.

Spring's Promise
cassidyrose: (yellow sunflower in garden)
Photo of the Day for 02/27/16: Mountains and Mist

Did you know we had great mist when we were in Yosemite? I know, I have talked about it A LOT, but it was REALLY AWESOME MIST. So good. This is one of my favorites so far and I submitted it to the FCAC show for judging today. I shot this on our last day in the park, as we were getting the car packed and ready to go to Badger Pass and then home. I was wandering around the grounds of the Yosemite Lodge shooting what I could of the morning mist before it, and we, left.

Mountains and Mist


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