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We hired a doula today. After worrying we weren't going to find one this close to our due date (note: doulas working in the Berkeley area book up FAST!) we found one that has everything I really wanted. She has roughly ten years of experience, she is a CMT, she has done many, may births at our hospital and with our midwife, she has attended numerous VBACS, and she is the right personality-type for me. Added bonus is that she actually used to work as a midwife. As our doula she does not provide any medical care, but her midwifery knowledge is there. Attempting the VBAC we wanted to be sure we assembled the most knowledgeable and VBAC-friendly birth team possible. To this end we are traveling thirty miles to a hospital that is equipped and willing to do VBACs and that does them on a regular basis, we are using a midwife rather than an OB (she does have two surgical back ups at the hospital), and we are using an experienced doula. We are anticipating a long labor given how our birth with S. went so having someone who can help manage that with us is key. The only downside is the doula we chose costs more than some of the others and it is not like we have a ton of extra money lying around, but I feel like she's the best choice and I feel very comfortable with her and it is hard to put a price on that. We had a consultation today, then next week we have a two hour meeting with her, then we have another meeting with her in the following weeks to help prepare the birth plan/preferences and work on labor support stuff.

Only seven more weeks to go. Yikes!
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[ profile] ptor felt The Pickle kick today a few seconds after I felt zir kick from the outside for the first time. This baby is super-active and kicks and punches all the time but had yet to feel any jabs from the outside. We were driving home from rehearsal today and I felt a kick on the inside and outside and [ profile] ptor reached over and the baby kicked his hand. Yay! (I am a little over 22 weeks now).
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We are headed out for our 20 week ultrasound. We are hoping that everything is OK.


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