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Went to the pool this afternoon. Good workout was had, though it really did wear me out. I have been trying to slowly increase my yardage, however overall my body is slowing down some. I do what I can.

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Went to the pool this afternoon. Had a good workout. It is nice being weightless.

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Went to the pool on a deserted Friday afternoon. Got there with only 45 minutes left to swim, so I had to jam on the workout. It was good.

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Way too long out of the pool.  Way, way too long.  However, I had the sinus infection and lots of other pregnancy-related sinus-ick so staying out for a couple months was a necessity.  My joints and muscles now necessitated us getting back in.  So tonight we went and swam.  Being weightless really did help with all the pain and discomfort I am having, though as soon as I got out and had to walk on land I started having the hip/butt/leg pains I'd been having all day.  Ah well, at least I got to swim.

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The workout last night was rough. The round ligament pain (pregnancy stuff) has been getting bad and it hurt quite a bit while I was trying to swim. I felt sluggish and just not all that great and I am really sore today. But, I did manage to get a workout in, at least. It is hard for me to admit that pregnancy is starting to slow me down, but it is.

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Made it to the pool last night and discovered that 6pm is quite possibly the worst time to show up to lap swim as there is only one available lane at that hour. Argh. There were a few other people in my lane all of whom where much slower than me. However, I was already wet and committed to the workout so I pushed through despite the frustration (next time I go earlier or at 7) when I am guaranteed more than one lane.

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Hoping to swim on Sunday morning so I at least get in two swim workouts this week.
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Good workout tonight although I was sore from Monday.

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We finally were able to return to the pool. We hadn't been since I was on bedrest, then very limited physical activity, starting 6 weeks ago. I've been cleared to exercise again, so after walking last week we headed to the pool last night. It was good to be back in the water and I look forward to getting stronger again.

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Swim Workout 01/19/06
Good swim tonight. Helped [ profile] ptor with flip turns, but I am not sure how much use I was--they are so ingrained in my physical memory it is difficult for me to teach them.

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Finally made it to the pool again. I've just been so tired and sick of late it is rough convincing myself to exercise. But it was a good workout. I'm still finding it sometime difficult to go slowly enough to keep my heartrate below 140 for pregnancy reasons. I just have to train myself I guess.

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We hauled our butts to the pool last night and had a good swim, while [ profile] catzen had quite the adventure running around Newark and Fremont--we couldn't believe where he was when he called to be picked up. Always an adventure with him...

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If feels good to get some exercise again, even if I have to do less than I am accustomed to.
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