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L. is pushing eight months now. Where does the time go?

He has been crawling since right around the seven month mark. Over the past couple of weeks he has mastered cruising and now can make his way around his area of the living room by walking along the baby fence and sofa like nobody's business. He even lets go and just balances by leaving one hand on the sofa cushion. I am sure he will be walking in no time.

He is vocalizing more and says "ba ba ba ba" a lot, in addition to "ma ma ma" which I mostly only hear when he is really upset.

We started solid food at seven months and he loves his food. He loves frozen watermelon in the the little mesh bag feeder thing and so far has enjoyed avocado, plums, sweet potatoes, applesauce, bananas, and oatmeal. He is eating just once a day now and we will increase to two meals soonish.

He still nurses frequently and loves his mama's milk.

He is really, really busy these days. He always wants to be moving around and loves playing with his toys and with his big brother. He favors toys that make noise and he loves playing with S.'s old music table. He chews on everything and anything. Still no teeth though. Oh, and he thinks Harlie is the BEST thing ever and laughs whenever he sees here.

L. is pretty patient when we are out and about and thankfully has come to enjoy chilling in the stroller, watching the action. He has been all over with us: Children's Museum, Ardenwood Farm, Oakland Zoo, Happy Hollow Zoo, parks, the library, The Tech Museum, the county fair, etc.

L. and I did our first set of parent and me swim lessons the past two weeks while S. had his semi-private lessons. L. loves the water and is really, really calm. He even lets me put him on his back in the water which S. never did. We had fun and I was really glad we got to do the class as I hadn't anticipated being able to do those classes with him.

He was a really good night sleeper but not so much since he transitioned to the big crib and out of the swaddle. We are struggling with that. So it goes.

Just so much going on. He is a real cuddly baby too and loves snuggling. Still fairly calm too and will sit on my lap taking it all in. We love him so much, as we love his big brother.

That is all for now. I just wanted to get it out before I forgot it.
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Yesterday, as soon as L. heard [ profile] ptor's key in the door in the evening he turned and looked at the door and smiled really, really big. So, so cute. I am somewhat amazed he has already figured out what that tell-tale sound at around 7pm means.

Also? L. started saying "mama" a couple of weeks ago. No lie. It has been verified by many sources. Really weird. He even said it while crying in his crib today (he'd taken a tumble) and he says it when he sees me walk away (which he does not like). He is super young and usually "dada" comes first because that is easier to say. S. had "dada" at around eight months and "mama" followed later, but L. is way ahead with this.

We started L. on soild food last week and so far he has had rice cereal, avocado, plums, and sweet potatoes. He has loved it all. He just grabbed the spoon and shoved it right in his month. He was quite ready at seven months old. I was really sad as he is no longer my purely breastfed baby and it signifies him getting older, but it is also fun and exciting.

And if I didn't mention it he is crawling, getting himself to sitting and kneeling from his belly, pulling to standing, and cruising. Mad baby skills, I tell you.

He loves his big brother, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is as funny and captivating as ol' Harlequin.
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L. also can now go from all fours to sitting and can do some basic cruising. Mad motor skills baby he is!


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