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I already hate Blue Shield for a number of reasons: their coverage is often random and seems governed by whimsy, they they keep asking us to prove that I do not have health insurance elsewhere, despite the fact we have explained I do not, their customer service staff generally has no idea how to help and on several different occasions when I called them, during business hours no less, it was impossible to reach a human, as in, when I asked to be transferred to a human the voice mail said something to the effect of "Sorry, too busy--no humans available right now, call back later" and hung up on me. Those are but a few reasons why I hate them for the bureaucratic, money-grubbing company they are (and if you feel like telling me I should be happy I have insurance, keep it to yourself. Yes, we are fortunate to have insurance--that doesn't mean I have to be pleased with how said insurance company conducts business).

Yesterday we received a letter which just made it all suck just a little bit more. Well, actually, S. received the letter, because, you know, a 20-month old is certainly able to read and understand correspondence from insurance agencies. The letter informs S. that Blue Shield has canceled its contract with Lucille Packard Children's Hospital and Stanford Health Services and if one receives care from them Blue Shield will only pay the minimal non-preferred provider coverage AND the patient has to pay costs up front and wait for reimbursement from Blue Shield. WTF? Because, you know, we always have an extra 20K lying around to pay out for a hospitalization. LPCH provides all neo-natal intensive care services for our local hospital. It is where most anyone in the area needing a children's specialist goes. It is where we now go to get S.'s blood drawn when needed. The impact of this is huge, not so much for us, but for so many families in our area. We still have Children's Hospital in Oakland, but who knows if Blue Shield has kept a contract with them? (S. only got this letter because he was a patient at LPCH as an infant in the NICU and as an outpatient as a toddler). Yes, I will be calling Blue Shield this week to find out AND to find out what this means for people delivering at our local hospital. If a baby needs a NICU at our local hospital they are either kept at the local hospital in the level 2 NICU run by LPCH, or transferred to Stanford for level 3 care at LPCH proper. I guess this all means more money for Blue Shield.


I am just pissed off at having this option made much, much, much more expensive and inaccessible to us.

I weep

Feb. 5th, 2008 12:58 am
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Sometimes people just scare me.

The bizarre not-even-thinly-veiled racism (and just plain crazy) evident in this letter to the editor of a newspaper serving the town I grew up in (among several others) just chills me. Sure, it is some random wacko who writes crazy letters to the editor, but you know what? I went to school with people who thought and talked like that. I don't mean high school. I mean college. I think one of my favorites was the woman who didn't understand why a.) we kept talking about Islam in a class about middle eastern gender issues and b.) why the bible wasn't considered an appropriate academic reference source for a paper in a women's studies class. Oh, and how could I forget the woman who insisted there were no African-Americans in local law enforcement for no other reason than "they just don't apply for the jobs"?

Then there is this flavor of crazy. Yep, ol' Barack is just waiting to get elected so he can turn the good 'ol US of A into the People's Republic of North America. It is part of the super-seekrit-liberal-gay agenda.

And while those letters are bad, it pales in comparison to some of the bigotry, hatred and racism I have experienced and witnessed in that particularly scary pocket of California and in other places, like say, rural Missouri. I mean, it's really endearing that men my dad works with tell him he has "fag stickers" on his car because he has an "equal rights are not special rights" bumper sticker. Or, say, it is so heartwarming to be approached by a stranger in Missouri who tells me she is fascinated by my "dark, shiny hair" because "You ain't even oriental, are you?" Or, say, I just loved that when I was president of the GLBT club on my university campus and our posters either got torn down and shredded, or had bible verses written on them. Oh, yeah, that brings me back.

It is easy, sometimes, to feel a bit too comfortable in the Bay Area, to think that maybe the world is as hateful as I often tend to think it is. Then I read those letters, or travel, and realize just how much hatred, bigotry, racism, sexism and homophobia is acceptable in so much of our country. I cannot even believe (well, sadly I can) that Huckabee got any votes at all. I swear he has some sort of Handmaid's Tale fantasy going on.

So, I weep. And then I vote. Please do the same.
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Yes, because there are no skinny people who have high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease. And of course, all of us fat people have all those things and it is all our fault because we are fat pigs and as such, we don't deserve to be treated with humanity or respect.


Don't even get me started.

I am just one of many fat people with super-good cholesterol and low BP--this doesn't make me any better or any more deserving of respect than anyone else. There are fat people who have high cholesterol and high BP, just as there are skinny people with the same issues. Do the fat ones not deserve their medication just because they are fat? Is it really so much to ask that we are treated appropriately by the medical establishment?

You'd think a gay man in San Francisco (Morford) who has seen how the medical establishment has routinely treated gay men with AIDS would have more of a clue about such things. Then again, while I have enjoyed some of Morford's writings, lately I have been seeing an increasing trend of elitism and snobbery in his writings. This one takes the cake though.

Mr. Morford, just because you are a skinny white male you are no better than me. In fact, your intolerance and fat-hating words put you well beneath me, so far beneath me I won't even ask you to kiss my fat ass.


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