Mar. 24th, 2010 01:13 am
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I'm sick with something that makes my throat, nose, and eyes feel like they've been scoured by sandpaper.


Not much else. Just days full of nursing, diapering, and entertaining the children.

Still need to sort out the hospital billing for L.'s birth, make an eye doctor appointment, and call about gymnastics classes for S. I also still have delusions of turning my grapefruit peels into candied peels---I got Jaques Torres' "Dessert Circus" from a Friends of the Library sale a few weeks ago and I am feeling marginally inspired. I also need to decide if I am am going to try to join the board of the preschool. Decisions, decisions.

Now, it's time for bed.
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It has been warm and sunny here all week. That combined with more evening light has helped my mood improve greatly. I just spent about three and a half hours in the front yard with the kids under the shade tree and it felt great. Warm but not hot, breezy but not windy. Just lovely. The crows seemed to be enjoying it as well.
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Up and around, trying to figure out what to do with the day outside of the obvious (nursing, diapering, cooking, and cleaning). I'd like to get outside and do *something*. My body hurts as I've done something weird to my lower back, left foot, and left hip. ::sigh::

Went to the Friends of the Library sale last night and scored some great old funky cookbooks, included a random Lutheran church cookbook form 1948, complete with funny old ads and newspaper clippings left inside. I love shit like that. Also got Jacques Torres' "Dessert Circus" book for $2 and some random books for S. S. enjoyed picking out his own books. [ profile] ptor got a bunch of O'Rielly books for 75 cents an inch--can't beat that.

Not too much else happening around here. Just dealing with newborn life and life with the bigger guy. [ profile] ptor had lots of activity on the job search front last week so we are really hoping something pans out soon.

Wish I had something more exciting to say but I don't really...just plugging along here.

Oh, I am thinking hard about some workshop proposals for NOLOSE. That is interesting and exciting. Need to get moving on all that.

We also need to start thinking about and working on our garden. We also have what I expect is a mold problem in the house which we need to get assessed and then start the fun of dealing with our landlord about it. Yick.

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We are up and starting on a slooooow Sunday. S. and I are still rather sick. Poor S. has beens sick since Monday with a bad cold...I've had the same thing for the past few days. Ugh. I don't want to do anything today except rest. S. is tired of being in the house but, well, he's a sick little guy. His cough is starting to not sound good. :-(

That's about all I have to update. Since we didn't have fevers we were able to get our H1N1 vaccines at the county clinic yesterday--we only had to wait in line for an hour...woo-hoo! S. has to get another shot in 3-4 weeks and I really hope he can get from our health care provider by then (they currently have only a super-limited supply restricted to those with immune issues, etc.) so we don't have to stand in another clinic line. Last night S. kept asking us, "Why are some people scared of a poke from a little needle and some blood?" The crying and screaming kids at the shot clinics perplex him. Now, he didn't want to go because he said the shot hurts, but he did go and doesn't scream. He just winces a bit.

I am hoping to finish Baby Pickle's blanket today or tomorrow. It is looking nice. And I just want to sleep more.
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S. is sick with some sinus thing and I was up with him until 4:30 this morning. Thankfully he finally slept and stayed asleep until 11:30. He cannot breathe when he is lying down so he doesn't want to sleep. Poor guy.

I have officially hit the final-weeks-of-pregnancy-wall. I am so tired I don't want to do anything. Seriously. Unfortunately we have a whole lot of stuff to get done. Just putting one foot in front of the other.

[ profile] ptor has an in-person interview today and another (at a different company) tomorrow. We are hoping something comes of either or both of them. However, now that we are so close to Baby Pickle showing up it is not great timing, but we need the income so we will do whatever we need to do. I am very disheartened that Adobe is laying off 680 employees, Applied Materials 1,300-1,500, and EA is cutting 1,500. These are all huge tech employers in the Bay Area and that is a whole more jobs just gone. Not to mention Sun's recent massive downsizing and the impending NUMMI plant closure which will eliminate nearly 5,000 jobs at NUMMI alone, not to mention the tens of thousands that will be affected by the plant's closure.

The weather is finally sorta kinda changing around here. No longer feels like the end of summer.

I am jamming away on a baby blanket for the baby, and also need to get a hat done for my nephew and for S. We also need to take care of holiday gift shopping very soon. I'll put it on the list.

The political climate continues to distress and depress me. The Stupak Amendment to the health care reform bill is just one glaring example of why. It is clearly the goal of far too many to restrict access to abortion to a level which would effectively make it illegal once again. It's just wrong and tragic.

And with that I should go fix S. the blackberries he has requested and convince him that we need to rest today because he is SICK!!!!

busy day

Oct. 16th, 2009 03:05 pm
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Finishing Chocolate Tasting prep. today. Ran to Joann's while S. was at school to get a purple ribbon to lace the back of my black velvet corset-like skirt I am wearing as part of a costume for one of our pieces tomorrow night. Still need to wrangle all my costume parts and get them organized, as well as my makeup. Joann's had Halloween decorations half off so I picked up a couple more things for S. to put up around the house. He loves decorations and decorating. Our house is quite Halloweeny at the moment.

We made a new kind of refrigerator pickle today using this recipe. They are cooling now. Can't wait to try them.

I almost finished S.'s pumpkin hat today as well. He does not want to wear a Halloween costume but has agreed to wear a pumpkin hat. So a pumpkin hat I made. I hope to finish it later tonight.

The friends of the library sale is later this evening. Yay. Always fun.

Now I will nap while S. is napping. I have a bit of a cold (as does most the preschool) and it is wearing me down.
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[ profile] ptor is on his way home from yet another job interview. Here's hoping for the best.

S. had a bit of a cold earlier in the week (he has it the "snufflies") and now I have a sore throat and sinus stuff. Bleah. I took a nap and don't really feel any better. He's still asleep (three hours already). He was a tired guy.

The chocolate tasting is on Saturday. You really should check it out if you can. Halloween themed goodness! Come in costume for a discount at the door (discounted tickets can also be purchased online, but you really should still come in costume). I am dragging my 31-week pregnant self up on stage to perform...all you have to do is show up, eat chocolate, and watch the show.

Got our cable wiring fixed today after losing a whole bunch of channels. Not having access to Bravo (and hence, Top Chef) was the final straw and I called Comcast last night.

Not too much else...just busy and a bit stressed.

Onward and upward.
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--I am trying not to lose my shit re: the swine flu. It is scary and having a child makes it extra-scary. I am a touch germ-phobic to begin with and this is not helping.

--I am increasingly annoyed with people too damned stupid or unskilled to do their jobs properly. Last week [ profile] ptor received a reply from A VERY LARGE COMPANY he'd applied to. They wanted him to fill out an evaluation and technical test that they'd attached as a Word doc. So he did it and sent it back as a text file. The person who sent it to him actually emailed him back and asked him to re-send it as a Word doc. Are you fucking kidding me? You can open the damned text file in Word! I cannot believe that anyone working for the aforementioned company would lack the very basic level of technical skills to figure this out. I am, in a word, appalled.

--There is an odd smell in our kitchen that we cannot isolate and it is driving me nuts. I am ready to just douse the whole room in vinegar.

--I have lost my momentum on decluttering the office. Grr. I need to get back on it. It's bad.

--My right shoulder is super-fucked again. I am very displeased.

--The weather is just really weird. I don't want it to be so cold and windy. I hate cold and windy and I especially hate it as we are approaching May.

--I owe lots of people emails. I need to get caught up.
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We are all still sick. I took S. to the doctor today and his ears are completely full of fluid again. They have not been clear since sometime prior to February. Urgh. We are seeing an audiologist in a few weeks as well as the doctor to see how badly his hearing is being impacted and whether or not we are getting any sort of drainage going. If it does not resolve soon we will need to explore options with an ENT. YUK. [ profile] ptor and I are coughing a lot and are quite congested. We are tired. S. slept 12 hours last night and took a 3.5 hour nap this afternoon. He never sleeps that much at night. He is one tired guy.

Other than being sick, we are still working on [ profile] ptor's job search. He had another interview in the city today and it went OK. Some bad, some good. We should know soon.

I have a bunch of half-started projects around the house that I need to finish. It is overwhelming sometimes.

For Easter we are going to Ardenwood Farm with my parents and aunt and uncle. We plan on a picnic, checking out the baby animals and maybe doing some of the Easter-related things going on there (golden egg hunt and Easter egg roll).

I need to finish the latest dance for the Fly Girls this week so we have time to work on it before the Day of Dance. I also need to work on planning the rest of the year in terms of choreography.

That is all for now.
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I just got home from spending four hours plus at the zoo with S. It was a beautiful day and I so glad we spent it outside. We had a good time and he walked the whole trip today--no stroller. He somewhat surprised me by eating the raw red onions on his bean burger before he ate the burger, but he is funny like that. We rode the train and he rode the car ride a couple of times and he was very happy with it all. We saw one of my sister's friends and former co-workers there and said hello--that was nice.

[ profile] ptor had a phone screen for one job earlier today and he is now on an in-person interview for another. They are both in SF which kind of sucks, but we are beyond being that picky. We are hoping something comes through and soon.

Not too much else going on here. Just hammering away at house clean-up/organization. I have containers for all my assorted flours (bread, wheat, all purpose, pastry, gluten, chickpea, light rye, dark rye and semolina) and I am finally getting all my baking supplies duly sorted. I am on day seven of the great sourdough starter experiment and it is, well, festery, which seems appropriate. I am unreasonably excited about it.

I made chickpea cutlets from Veganomicon the other night and we really liked them. They are being added to the list of things to make and freeze for lunches and dinners. I am also quite pleased with their recipe for black bean burgers. I also finally figured out how to modify their lemon-roasted potatoes recipe so that the damned potatoes would could and crisp. I parboiled them then broiled the fuckers. That did the trick. So, so good.

We have starts to put in the garden but we need to break up the ground first. Lots to do in the yard.

Now I need to figure out dinner for tonight. I am feeling less than enthusiastic. But I have asparagus AND artichokes, so life is good.


Mar. 2nd, 2009 03:17 pm
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Just busy.

We find out in an hour and half if S.'s ears are clear enough to fly this week. We hope they are for numerous reasons, not the least of which is we cannot wait to meet our new nephew! We are busy mostly are getting ready for the trip, cleaning and trying to get healthy. We had to buy S. new sandals for the trip as he has grown out of the ones we bought at the end of last summer (he grew out of his first pair of the year mid-summer). We also picked up a new pair of sneakers for him as he is approaching the end of his beloved Thomas sneakers. I have unearthed our swim suits and hats, summer clothes and purchased sunscreen. We still need insect repellent so we don't come back with West Nile.

In other news, Peter had three job interviews last week. He got rejected for one today (boo!) but he seems to still be in the running for another. We really hope it comes through and soon.

S. starts pre-school tomorrow. We are excited. He and [ profile] ptor dropped off our TB test verifications today so we are approved to work at the school. It is a co-op and we have to work in the classroom one day a week, though I will certainly be there with S. both days he goes for a while at least.

Big Moves is mostly quiet now production wise, but we are busy dancing and training which is nice. I am working on a new piece that I and the other dancers are very excited about. I am thrilled to be using a Morphine song and our newest dancer is super-tickled by it as well. She said "I love Morphine, but I never thought of dancing to it." Yup. Not the easiest to music to work with choreographically, but I am loving the challenge and the result.

We have been trying to declutter around here and it is moving forward slowly. It can be overwhelming, but we are getting there. I am resisting the urge to dump everything in the house into a dumpster. ;-P

Speaking of houses, if and when [ profile] ptor gets a job, and if the salary is in the range we are anticipating, we are going to start the process of (hopefully) buying a house. Home prices in our area have come down enough to make it a very real possibility for us. We want to be out of our current neighborhood one way or another by the time S. starts elementary school because a.) we are tired in living in crufty gangland (there are gang tags all over the place here) and b.) the elementary school and high school in our district are the worst in the city and below the standards we find acceptable for numerous reasons (e.g., beer cans strewn around the elementary school campus, gang tags at the park next door to the school, needles have been found at the park neighboring the elementary school, the high school is across the street from a liquor store and it is a bad scene and there is more violence in our area than in other parts of the city). Don't get me wrong, it is still really tame and mild here compared to some places I've lived (downtown San Jose and Oakland), but if we would like something better. We also don't need the absolute bestest of the best or anything, we just want schools that aren't quite so questionable. At first look there are plenty of homes in our price range in areas we'd be happy in so we are feeling hopeful. We are not counting our chickens, just thinking ahead.

I need to go take a shower then wake S. up for his doctor's appointment. I so hope his ears are good to go.


Jan. 26th, 2009 05:08 pm
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I am icing my back and it is cold. I hate icing but I have to do it. I aggravated my back problem this week and while there is no actual pain, the issue creates horrible-can't-walk-pain in right leg. Icing helps the pain tremendously. So icing I am.


Jan. 18th, 2009 02:49 pm
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I cannot find my phone. I either left it in the studio yesterday or dropped it outside by the car in front of the studio. If it is the former I can count on getting it back. If it is the latter it is gone, gone, gone. I have had that phone for eight and a half years and the same number for eleven. I am not amused at this turn of events. Yes, I can go get a new one, but I really don't want to.

And since I am complaining, the left side of my face still really hurts.

looong day

Nov. 1st, 2008 11:44 pm
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I was supposed to have a 10:30 rehearsal with my duet partner today. Instead we had in 11:30 rehearsal because it took me an hour and a half to make the drive to Berkeley (should have taken no more than 40 minutes). Apparently there had been a big rig accident and fuel spill and it was a traffic clusterfuck. My back and leg actually started hurting from dealing with the clutch in serious stop and go traffic for so long. I inched along a four miles span of 880 for nearly an hour. (And I didn't get off 880 as that was problematic as best and was also a mess. When I finally got past the accident (which had happened nearly three hours prior) it started raining so hard is was near white-out conditions and I had difficulty seeing where I was going and keeping the car under control. Not fun. Fortunately for me, my duet partner was understanding and the studio had a later time slot open so we got some good work in and finalized costumes.

After that rehearsal I had to get to downtown Oakland for Fly Girl rehearsal with our guest hip hop choreographer. It was a very good rehearsal but also quite intense. We worked for a little over three hours and my knees, back, hips and thighs feel it the most right now. I didn't head back home until 5:00ish and had bad rain to drive in on the way home.

Totally fried, we decided to eat out tonight and tried Sweet Tomatoes but S. got super-scared and freaked out. See, last time we were there there was a man with a leg cast with external pinning and it really, really disturbed S. He has a wicked sharp memory for all things disturbing so we bailed on the salad bar plan and went to Chevy's instead which was fairly decent and made up for the fact that I never got lunch today. Then off to Target for some poster board for new "No on 8" signs and other random things.

Right now I am just trying to mentally unwind so I can get some sleep. So, so tired. Three and half hours of rehearsal tomorrow (at least) so I need some rest. One more week to go. I can do it!

busy weeks

Oct. 19th, 2008 12:06 am
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It has been a very busy couple of weeks. Last week my sister was visiting from out of state. Last Saturday we had her baby shower. On Sunday she, her friend, S. and I went to the harvest festival at Ardenwood Farm. We had fun and picked lots of popping corn. Later that night I had rehearsal and then I took her to her hotel on the peninsula as she had an early morning flight out of SFO.

Monday S. and I did shopping and stuff and that night I performed with the Fly Girls at the Hubba Hubba Revue. It went OK. Crappy carpeted stage which kind of sucked, but we did OK. Saw [ profile] zahraa there which was nice, spilled beer on my dress which was not so nice. S. was running around wired to the gills when I got home after midnight. ::sigh::

Tuesday I cannot even remember what S. and I did but then I had dance class Tuesday night and thankfully the shoes I accidentally left in the studio two weeks ago were still there. I really ought to write my name in them So, that was three nights in a row I was not home in the later evening or for dinner. ::double sigh::

Wednesday S. and I traveled to [ profile] ptor's work for lunch with him then we went to the post office to get our mail, mail a package and purchase postcard stamps for the Big Moves mailing and that turned out to be more of an adventure than I'd hoped. I really, really hate the post office. S. is, however, endlessly fascinated by the package lockers at the post office.

Thursday we had music class, then Starbucks for a snack and tea, then the library for puzzles and new books, then Trader Joe's shopping and then a walk where S. fell asleep in the stroller and I popped a tire in the stroller after rolling over someone's random earring. Thankfully the tire pop came at the end of the walk. While S. slept and a little after I picked the remaining tomatoes and later discovered that they didn't taste all that good. I think we are done with our tomatoes for the year. S. played with the water as usual and, as usual, got soaked.

Friday S. and I took a trip into the city so I could pick up my mailing labels from Dancer's Group for our mailing. After we did that errand we picked up [ profile] catzen at his work and had lunch with him. We had fun and S. watched boats and ate his first ever french fries. He also picked up the raw red onions off [ profile] catzen's plate and ate those. Then we came back home and a few hours later I had to turn around and drive back up to Oakland for a dance performance. [ profile] catzen attended with me and it was pretty good.

Today (Saturday) I had rehearsal in Berkeley and it was good. I am trying to bot get crushed by the anxiety around the fact that the show is in only three weeks. I got home to discover [ profile] ptor and S. were gone and [ profile] ptor's phone was off. I drove to Panera and, as expected, they were there, [ profile] ptor sipping coffee and reading and S. sleeping in the stroller. They'd been out and about and had a trip to the library. I ordered and ate a quick lunch then we all went home and I headed back out for my hair appointment. My hair looks good even though the stylist cut my face layers shorter than I had intended and they were cut before I had a chance to say "NOOOOOO!". It actually looks really good though, so alls well that ends well.

Those have just been the events of my week. I also have been doing all the general keeping up with a two year old that has to be done, cooking and cleaning, and then a few hours of concentrated Big Moves related work every night. It has been stressful and hectic and it will not slow down for another three weeks or so. I actually have so much to do right now I do not know where to begin.
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KMail recognizes neither "Phat" nor "Bollywood" in its spellchecker (hey, neither does LiveJournal!). This is a much larger annoyance to me than the average human right now.

As you were.

no words

Aug. 11th, 2008 12:25 am
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That 4X100 relay final (men's swimming) was made of awesome.

I am stunned. I actually jumped in the air and screamed.

What Lezak pulled off was nothing short of absolutely amazing.


Jun. 26th, 2008 03:31 pm
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It is still really smoky here from all the fires. The sky is not blue or even really gray--it is white. It is difficult to see the hills that are only a few miles from our house. It smells like smoke intermittently outside. We are avoiding being outside as it is making us sick. We are not even all that close to any of the current fires. I cannot even imagine what it is like where the fires are actually burning/have burned.

This is going to be a really long and really bad fire season.

life update

Jun. 8th, 2008 11:52 pm
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It has been busy around here. I read livejournal, but I am so burnt by the end of the day (when I have a chance to read) that I don't ever seem to get around to posting those thoughtful, meaningful posts I intend to post. So here's what has been going on...

My sister and brother-in-law visited from Florida over Memorial Day weekend and the week following. Unfortunately, S. got sick the day before they showed up, but he was in good spirits nonetheless. That same weekend we managed to see [ profile] quietshell, [ profile] klwalton and Tim for a lovely but too brief visit. We had fun with my sister and BIL and they, along with my mom and I, took S. to the Children's Museum on their last day here which was very nice for all of us. He and I go a lot but it was the first time any of our family members went with us. So, family visit nice, but too short. There has been some sadness and major stress in my birth family that I cannot talk about here, so it was good to see everyone.

Speaking of going places, I am out and about with S. a lot these days. We have always done a lot outside the house, but winter and wintertime illnesses kept us at home a lot more than we liked earlier in the year. I am enjoying the warmer weather and longer days. Over the past couple of months I have taken S. to the Children's Discovery Museum a couple of times, the Oakland Zoo, the Lawrence Hall of Science, Ardenwood Farm ~ once a week for "Toddler Time" and just to go hang out with the tractors and the anmials (including Sheep Shearing Day and Fire Truck Day which fell on Sundays so we got to go as a family), Crown Beach/Crab Cove and a couple of local playgrounds. We have music class once a week and gym class once a week as well. It really, really helps to have scheduled activities and I try to make it out to a "big outing" (zoo, museum, etc.) once a week. Saturday we all go up to my rehearsals and [ profile] ptor and S. (and sometimes [ profile] catzen) walk all around and visit various art studios and funky shops while I dance. After rehearsal we usually go out to eat and walk around some more. We also do things like grocery shopping during the day--it is amazing what I can pack into the basket underneath S.'s stroller--it is seriously like a clown car.

Those are my days. Keeping after S., cooking and feeding us, cleaning up, planning and doing activites, shopping, etc. We have been trying to take walks every night after [ profile] ptor gets home from work and I have been trying to get more efficient when preparing dinner, but it still takes quite some time. We've been baking bread and really enjoying it. I made the multigrain bread from the Cheese Board cookbook last week and everyone was a fan. Evenings are hectic with trying to cram in walks, making dinner, eating dinner, cleaning up, nursing S., bathing myself and S. and getting S. into bed.

Late at night (as in after 11pm) I am usually working on Big Moves stuff. The past few weeks I have been earnestly researching possible venues for a fall show (long story there) and it has been incredibly time consuming and quite frustrating at times. I also recently (back in January) became the co-artistic director of the Fly Girls sharing that job with Matilda (I am still the director of Big Moves here in the bay, but that is an administrative position, not artistic.) This means I am doing a lot more choreography than I was before and I somehow have to squeeze that in between 11pm and 2am. I am currently working on two new dances for the group (one lyrical and one jazz/burlesque) and I have another Broadway-style jazz I need to turn out in the next few months. I am doing the bulk of teaching at rehearsals now and am training all the dancers in jazz/lyrical movement and skills. I am really enjoying it. I am so glad I am finally getting a chance to work on serious technique within Big Moves. It is also fascinating to me how much dance knowledge I actually do have. It is no surprise as I took ~7-10 hours of classes a week for nearly five years, not to mention all the work I have done with Big Moves, but it has been a bit of a revelation to me how much is there as I slowly unpack it all for others. Don't know if that makes sense.

So, that is a lot of what is going on here.

We have a garden that is finally starting to thrive thanks to [ profile] ptor spending so much time hunting snails at night. The Early Girls are setting fruit and my chard and lettuce (in barrels) are doing quite well. I finally got bean sprouts that survived the snails, so I am hoping something happens with them.

Our stove crapped out in about five different fantastic ways and our landlord came by today and poked it with a stick and agreed to buy us a new one. He noted the lawn was a bit brown (yeah, well, it was dead when we moved in and I had to re-seed) and I agreed to re-seed some more and water more. Although, we pay for our water and I am not going to water that much to keep a stupid lawn green in the hot summer. Especially since there is not sprinkler system and we have to and water. And if our water gets rationed he can forget about his lawn. Seriously.

I need a new computer. Another post about that later.

I am reading Margaret Atwood's "Blind Assassin" and am enjoying it. I read "Cat's Eye" and "The Robber Bride" earlier in the year. Just prior to this I re-read Marge Piercy's "Braided Lives"--I had only read it once before. I liked it more than I remembered. It is sad and powerful.

I need to pick up my crochet again. I need to produce some more baby hats and finish the goldfish I started for S. a while back.

Time for some work then bed.
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So much body and house maintenance to be done.

I got the oil and air filter changed in my car today. I really need to get it washed as well--at least they vacuumed it at Jiffy Lube. Tomorrow I have to schlep back to the dentist for the millionth time this year as the filling that was ostensibly fixed a month ago feels un-fixed again. Bleah. I finally scheduled my overdue pap and physical with my GP for Friday. I still need to find a new OB before I try to get pregnant again. Haircut is scheduled for Saturday morning.

So behind on so many things. I really need to bleach the tiles in the tub but keep not getting around to it as it is so not something I can do during the day with S. poking around. We also need to clean out the office and donate or throw out a whole mess of stuff in the garage.

I finally got some shopping done for clothes as I was down to ~5 non-T-shirt summer shirts and I really was tired of wearing the same thing in rapid rotation. Speaking of t-shirts--I haven't decided if it was cool or sad that I was wearing my 1991 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers "Into the Great Wide Open" tour shirt the other day. I was in high school when I saw that show. Sheesh.

I managed to poke more seeds in the ground tonight. My first planting of beans all got eaten my snails, as did 13 of the 15 snap pea plants we transplanted. We have more starts going. My chard and lettuce are both coming up nicely in the barrels. Chard, yum.

I need to go to bed but my book (Atwood's "The Blind Assassin") is still drying in front of a fan. I failed to screw on the cap of S.'s new straw-cup tight enough and it leaked all over the inside of my backpack. Sometimes my days are just made of win.


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