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Still here, still pregnant. Two weeks to go. Mostly we are really busy getting the house ready for another child and doing things like sorting baby clothes/baby items, rearranging furniture, re-purposing furniture, cleaning out closets, etc. We are trying to give S. as much time and attention and possible right now and are doing holiday things like Christmas in the Park and Zoo Lights early this year. We just bought a small artificial tree that we are going to decorate with him later.

Not much else. [ profile] ptor is still unemployed and we, like millions of others, lost our COBRA subsidy this month so our payment went from ~$500 a month to ~$1,500 a month. That hurts. We are stressed. Of course on top of the premium we have to still pay deductibles and co-pays, so our medical expenses are through the roof.

I have hit the very-end-of-pregnancy wall o' exhaustion and it is difficult to get motivated to do anything, but I am getting things done. The to-do list is shrinking and I finished the baby's hat and blanket and am nearly done with my nephew's. I also got Christmas shopping done for my nephew and we've got most of S.'s done.

So, that is that.
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[ profile] ptor felt The Pickle kick today a few seconds after I felt zir kick from the outside for the first time. This baby is super-active and kicks and punches all the time but had yet to feel any jabs from the outside. We were driving home from rehearsal today and I felt a kick on the inside and outside and [ profile] ptor reached over and the baby kicked his hand. Yay! (I am a little over 22 weeks now).
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Baby Fly should be here sometime within the next 24 hours. See [ profile] baby_fly for more info. and updates.
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Just a quick entry to let you all know we are still here and still waiting for Baby Fly to make an appearance. I've been really, really run down as I only sleep a couple hours at a time (late pregnancy pain and stuff) and shortly I am going to take a bath and go to bed. Poor [ profile] ptor got very sick today with some sort of virus which has caused wicked vertigo among other things. The doctor prescribed some anti-dizzy medication and that has helped.

It has been a long day.

The garden in doing well and I am anxiously awaiting the ripening of my tomatoes. I tend to plant late so I have late harvests which works well in this climate as we often have heat well through October.

Rocco visited Harlie through the back door again today. He was also hunkered down watching the birds feed, but every time he moves his bell jingles on his collar and the birds scatter until he leaves. He is a funny cat. Harlie has been super-clingy and cuddly. We love our little fur-baby. Today, however, she was very frustrated that [ profile] ptor wouldn't play with her.

If there is news of Baby Fly that we are unable to post (as in we are in the hospital) [ profile] catzen will post it in [ profile] baby_fly and [ profile] catzen_announce (the latter [ profile] catzen created when I had sinus surgery).

i'm alive

Jul. 29th, 2006 01:07 am
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Just a quick post to say "I'm alive." My temperature has remained normal for a couple of days so that is really good. I am, however, still really wiped out. This was just a nasty virus.

I haven't been up to much at all except trying to recover in time for labor which should happen anytime in the next 3-4 weeks.

Oh, I am happy to announce that my first sunflowers are blooming (yay!) and my tomato plants are setting fruit like mad. These are very good things.
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Long crappy day involving a too long hospital visit. I'm OK (just sick) and Baby Fly's OK, but it was not a very fun experience. If you want details you can read all about it on [ profile] baby_fly.

And now I go to bed where [ profile] ptor and Harlie are already snoozing.
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I'm still sick. I am also really tired of being cooped up in the house as I have been since Friday with the exception of a miserable outing to see the doctor. This afternoon I decided I wanted [ profile] ptor to take me to Rubio's so I could get a quesadilla (fortunately, the flu hasn't affected my stomach too much and with the Zofran I am able to eat). We decided that afterwards we'd take a drive to our P.O. box in Santa Clara to pick up mail there. I figured sitting in the air conditioned car wouldn't be awful and at least I'd be out of the house.

Boy was I wrong.

It was sometime after 2pm when we started out and all I'd eaten was a peach and a few rice crackers, but no worries because food was coming soon. Right? Wrong. We got to Rubio's, a few miles from our house, and the power was out to the entire strip mall. Great. OK, so [ profile] ptor suggested we stop at Una Mas in Sunnyvale on our way to the post office. Ok, that'd work. I started feeling woozy on the way there, including getting the chills and shakes again--also the pelvic pain was worsening (pregnancy related). I was really starting to feel awful. We finally got to Una Mas and the doors were ominously open. Yep, you guessed it. AC was broken. It was well over 100 inside the restuarant (as well as outside). No way, no how. We got a couple of drinks and I used to bathroom and I was ready to have a mini-breakdown. I figured we should finish the trip, get the mail and try the Una Mas back in Fremont on our way home.

So, we proceeded to Santa Clara to the post office. Throughout the car ride I was feeling progressively worse and miserable. I was trying to relax but my pelvis and back were cramping so badly it was really hard to. That and everything hurt, my fever was going up again and I was HUNGRY! We got to the post office and again things of an omninous nature greeted us. The parking lot was empty and the lobby doors were closed. There were signs on the door apologizing "for the inconvenience". They had closed the post office for maintainence.

Holy shit. I seriously wanted to cry at that point. It was like some sort of a cruel joke. [ profile] ptor suggested we get something to eat around there but I really wanted to get close enough to home so that if the things were horked we could just get take-out. So we drove back to Fremont with me earnestly doing Level 1 Lamaze breathing the whole way in an attempt to alleviate some of the back and pelvic pain all the while thinking of the 500 ways I'd curse the universe if I went into labor while I had the flu. We made it to Una Mas and the doors were happily closed. It wasn't as cool as I would have liked inside, but it was at least cooler than outside and was tolerable. We got lunch, I got a big water, I managed to eat a little over half of what we orderd (and keep it down) and we eventually made it home to our much cooler house.

It was an incredibly frustrating outing.

As for me, my temp stayed at 100-101 all day and fortunately just dipped into the 99 range, though I feel it climbing again. This is with tylenol every six hours, blasting AC and cool rags on my head and neck. I am not amused. It hurts to be in bed as there is a lot going on with the baby/pregnancy right now and my hips, back and pelvis are a mess, but I don't know how else to get over this bug except to sleep. I have been drinking more water than I thought possible (and I normally drink a lot) so at least I am hydrated. If I go into a fourth day of fever (Monday) I will be contacting the doc again just to make sure I don't need to worry. Prolonged fevers worry me, especially when I cannot get them down.

So there you have it. A not so funny comedy of errors that was our Sunday.
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Sleep is becomming ever more elusive, though I am spending more and more time in bed trying to get sleep, or at least some rest. Progress on all my tasks has been slooooooooow. ::sigh::

Harlie has become even more clingy and cuddly. It's cute and sweet most of the time. Sometimes, though, I don't want an eleven pound furry object on my belly. She is completely unperturbed by Baby Fly kicking her--I had figured it would startle her. Nope. Apparently my stomach kicking her is as normal as me petting her in her tiny cat brain.

Lots of crappy bad news in the news today. Urgh. The train bombings in India top that list, as does the story of the rape of an eleven year old in Fresno by ten college students. Syd Barrett dying is up there as well in terms of just being sad.

I only got about three and half hours of sleep. I've eaten and gotten rid of some of the nausea that got me up earlier so I think I will head back to bed for a while. I am too tired to do much else. My eczema is driving me bonkers and I cannot use the meds I usually would use to calm it down. I am not happy with the hands of firey pain.

On a random note, it seems we have finally mostly squirrel-proofed our bird feeder. It was quite the feat, but it has really done the trick. A couple more brazen squirrels can get on it, but it seems to be such an ordeal that most are avoiding it. This is good. The scrub jays continue to rumble in our yard on a weekly basis which entertains Harlie greatly. I do prefer the calmer nature of the mourning dove to that of the spastic jays.

Oh, and did I mention the mockingbirds in our neighborhood have a repertoire complete with a variety of car alarm sounds (including the whole set of those that have variable tones) and cell phone rings? It is very funny and a very intriguing listen.

Ok, time to lie down and read and maybe sleep for a little while.


Jun. 27th, 2006 11:23 am
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Feeling barfy today. Just yuck. I wanted to go swim before our ultrasound appointment but I don't think I can manage food (and digesting food) in time to swim. Feh.

Ah well. I will work on loads of paperwork instead. Aren't you jealous?
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I am finding a lot of posts in the pregnancy communities where the poster wants validation that they don't "look fat" in photos of themselves, or complains about "looking fat" instead of "looking pregnant." I took a deep breath today and finally responded to one of them with the following (other things more relevant to the original post have been removed):
    There is nothing wrong with looking or being fat. There are plenty of us in this community who were fat (and I do not use that word in a derogatory way at all--it is merely a descriptor) pre-pregnancy and I don't like it when "looking fat" is portrayed as terrible and something to be avoided, because to me, that says looking like me or the other fat women here is awful.

    I understand you probably didn't mean to convey that with your words, but to this fat person that is how it sounds.
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Just a reminder that most all our pregancy/baby updates are posted to [ profile] baby_fly, so add it to your friends' list if you are interested. I also have a pregnancy filter on this journal where I post occasionally (more private, personal stuff).
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Still sick with whatever this bug is. Sucks. Had too busy of a weekend, including today which had me up before 8 then out of the house doing Big Moves stuff until 4. Ick. Just feeling yucky and uncomfortable. pregnancy-related stuff here )

We did get a lot of necessary stuff done over the weekend which is good. The front lawns are now mowed, Big Moves financials are done and submitted to the board, bills are paid, choreographer interviewed, Mass Movement rehearsals begun, teaching of repertoire for Mass Movement has begun, house cleaned up a bit, Harlie given attention, etc. These are all good things. Just so many more things to do.


Feb. 21st, 2006 05:53 pm
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If you are pregnant and posting in a pregnancy community I should hope you can actually say, or at least type, the words "vulva" and "vagina", rather than silly euphemisms. I mean really.
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Well, [ profile] ptor and I ended up spending Valentine's Day together with neither of us at work. But it was not exactly fun nor romantic. I spent roughly three hours hooked up to an IV on an uncomfortable gurney getting fluids and meds pumped into me as I had gotten dehydrated from being so sick. More updates about the marathon appointment will be on [ profile] baby_fly later on. Suffice it to say, I learned today that when one is dehydrated veins hide and shrivel up and getting a line in took nearly half an hour. Not fun. Whole thing, not fun. The upside is that PAMF has proved themselves again to be excellent providers. But still, not fun.
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[ profile] ptor and I have created a community for our pregnancy/baby: [ profile] baby_fly. We both will be posting updates on the pregnancy and Baby Fly zirself there. Join and watch if you want to!
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[ profile] ptor and I will be creating a community about the pregnancy/baby you all can add to your flist (if you want to). Why a community? So we can both post in the same journal as ourselves about the pregnancy and baby. Also, it allows us to post in a place non-LJ people can see without posting it in our own journals. We will probably be the only ones allowed to post (comments and watching will be allowed by all we approve, which means all of our friends), though I imagine [ profile] catzen will get posting access as well, especially as we get closer to the due date. Community details soon.

Also, for more personal/private pregnancy stuff, I will be setting up a pregnancy filter here. I know a lot of you said you'd like to be on it, but if you could indulge me and answer the poll below so I can have the info. all in one place it will be easier for me. Thanks!

[Poll #650440]
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I am soooooooooooooo tired.
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Morning sickness really is a misnomer. My nausea lasts all day and I threw-up yesterday and today close to noon (OK, technically still morning but several hours after I've actually gotten up). I am hoping for a reprieve in a few weeks--for now I just feel sick and tired and bleah. (Oh yeah, those who don't know already--I am indeed pregnant.)


I have a performance in two weeks--Yikes! I am hoping the nausea abates while on stage.


Oh, and don't forget folks--The Big Moves Chocolate Tasting is coming up on Sunday, February 5th at the UU Church in Oakland. And this year there will be a chocolate fountain! Tickets on sale later this week at and from your friendly Big Moves dancers and board members.


Preganacy journal will be created this week. Stay tuned for details!


We had a very nice New Year's with friends, both eve and day. It was lovely to see people and hang out and relax.


I am so, so behind in some areas of life right now it is not even funny. I am trying not to panic.


[ profile] ptor has a very funny Harlie story to tell. Hopefully he will write it up soon.


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