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It was [ profile] ptor and my third wedding anniversary today (well, yesterday now). [ profile] catzen babysat tonight so we could have a dinner out by ourselves. It was quite nice. I had a very nice risotto that included asparagus, carrots, zucchini and mushrooms. [ profile] ptor had the gnocchi which was excellent as always. After dinner we took a short sunset walk out at Coyote Hills and spotted a dear and too many mosquitoes. I baked a cake for us today and it turned out well. I used this recipe for Wacky Cake and was pleased with it, partly because it was damned quick to put together. My bigger accomplishment was that I made my own frosting for the first time ever. I am kind of embarassed now that I know how damed easy it is to make a buttercream frosting. I just have never baked all that much so I didn't really know. Anyhow, I was very pleased with how the frosting came out but I should have checked the yield as I wound up with enough for 2-3 cakes so now I have a conatiner full of extra frosting. It was fun to see the ingredients go from a motley mess that I was sure was going to fail to something that suddenly looked and tasted that real frosting. Anyhow, we all had cake after we got home from dinner and S. was a huge fan. In fact, he is a little obsessed by cake right now.

It was a nice and quiet anniversary. Three years ago we had just gotten married and spent the night in a hotel in Jack London Square and would be soon off to Alaska for our honeymoon. Two years ago I was really damned pregnant and we went to Half Moon Bay for the weekend. On the night of our anniversary we saw Savion Glover perform in the city then we went out to dinner at Il Fornaio. Last year we were in Oregon with S. in tow and we spent the day at the International Rose Test Garden in Portland then drove to Eugene for the night where we had a wonderful dinner out and I has some of the best fresh pasta of my life. It has been a wonderful and crazy three years and I am very, very happy.

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Jun. 12th, 2006 03:07 pm
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We got home last night from our anniversary weekend trip to Half Moon Bay. We had a very nice time. The B&B we stayed at was quite nice and we were uber-pleased with the mega-bathtub that could fit both of us. Friday night we had a fun and good (if greasy) dinner at the Half Moon Bay Brewing--oh, I love me some fried artichoke hearts. I even managed to enjoy it despite not being able to taste any of the lovely beer. On Saturday night we got dressed up and headed into the city and really enjoyed ourselves at the Savion Glover show with The Others. Baby Fly seemed to enjoy the music at the show as well. More on Savion's greatness later. Then we went out for a nice dinner at Il Fornaio in Burlingame afterwards. Yesterday, after resting a bunch and piddling around downtown Half Moon Bay, we went to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Moss Beach and had a wonderful time poking around looking in the tidepools. It was also the first opportunity I had to take some pictures as the other beach we went to was just grey, grey and more grey and it was very drizzly and overcast most of the weekend. The reserve had some great landscapes and the water was clear and gorgeous. Some photos:

Full set of pictures here.

Last night after dinner out here at home, we cut the top layer of our wedding cake (which had been patiently waiting in the freezer for a year) and each had a slice while we read over our vows. It was very nice.

Harlie was cran-ky about being left for 48 hours. Poor cat-kitten. She has forgiven us now though, and is currently sleeping the desk right in front of the monitor. She got lots of cuddles and love from me today, once she de-crankified and wanted to be held. Last night she wasn't sure if she wanted to be held and petted or if she just wanted to stomp around and meow angrily at us. A good night's sleep with us seems to have helped.

So cute!!!

Dec. 29th, 2005 10:00 pm
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Harlie was earnestly grooming Peter's head. I grabbed a couple of photos, of course.
Too Cute!!

And that tongue!

And I rather like this one of [ profile] ptor

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