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I had a board meeting at the preschool tonight (because, again, I wasn't busy enough already) and I came home to find S. engrossed in a documentary about Burning Man on Current TV. He explained to me later: "We thought Solar System would be too long, so we turned on Burning Man and it was not too long. Burning Man shows a car with flame. Burning Man has a flatbed for people to stand on. There was one that has flame came out the top. And one on Burning Man that comes out the front. They were building a template. Yes. Out of telephone poles."

Solar System would be something about the solar system on the science channel. The "template" being built was a temple, and yes, telephone poles were in fact being used. He was apparently pleased to see some of the larger installations we'd seen at Maker Faire on the Burning Man show.

Funny guy.
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Yesterday, as soon as L. heard [ profile] ptor's key in the door in the evening he turned and looked at the door and smiled really, really big. So, so cute. I am somewhat amazed he has already figured out what that tell-tale sound at around 7pm means.

Also? L. started saying "mama" a couple of weeks ago. No lie. It has been verified by many sources. Really weird. He even said it while crying in his crib today (he'd taken a tumble) and he says it when he sees me walk away (which he does not like). He is super young and usually "dada" comes first because that is easier to say. S. had "dada" at around eight months and "mama" followed later, but L. is way ahead with this.

We started L. on soild food last week and so far he has had rice cereal, avocado, plums, and sweet potatoes. He has loved it all. He just grabbed the spoon and shoved it right in his month. He was quite ready at seven months old. I was really sad as he is no longer my purely breastfed baby and it signifies him getting older, but it is also fun and exciting.

And if I didn't mention it he is crawling, getting himself to sitting and kneeling from his belly, pulling to standing, and cruising. Mad baby skills, I tell you.

He loves his big brother, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is as funny and captivating as ol' Harlequin.
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Just overheard...S. talking to [ profile] ptor:

"I want to tell you about some ideas I have about clay.

One idea is when oxygen pulls into a planet it controls the planet up and then it goes down and then a star pops open.

And I need some more ideas because I got more ideas. Now I will tell you about some ideas.

Well, you know, I'm going to tell about some ideas.

One ideas some oxygen that pulls on a planet and it pulls a planet up and it gets back down and a star pops open and I have more ideas. You want to hear them.

But I want to tell you some ideas.

I want to tell you my ideas about clay. Just sit here and I will tell you, daddy. This is a little couch where you can sit. When you sit here I will tell you."

it figures

Aug. 8th, 2008 01:35 am
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S. doesn't watch TV as a rule, however we have allowed him to watch some dance on TV when I am watching any of my dance/reality shows. He is mostly uninterested, though break dancing might hold his attention for a few seconds. Anyhow, we were at a friend's tonight watching the So You Think You Can Dance finale and S. was intent on destroying the host's house depsite the pounds of books and puzzles I'd brought along to entertain him with. The dancing on TV was entirely uniteresting to him. That is, until, the cast of Criss Angel's/Cirque Du Soleil show "Believe" came on in their creepy rabbit-ghost outfits (were they rabbit-ghosts or ghost-rabbits? dunno.) Then we heard "Yay! Dancing rabbits!" Hands clapping. "Yay! Dancing rabbits!" Nothing could have made him happier than the dancing rabbits. They were kinda creepy dancing rabbits, but that apparently didn't bother him. For the record here is the piece of dance that actually held my child's attention and delighted him:

Perhaps he will be a modern dancer after all.

Actually, the piece looked like something right out the Animal Masquerade we performed at last year. Seriously. However, S. found mommy as elephant much less amusing that the dancing rabbits on TV>
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At lunch today I asked S. if he wanted me to have another baby so there would be a little baby around. His answer?


Then I asked if he wanted another cat. His answer?

"Uh huh" (his "yes")

I was amused.

And given how jealous he is of Harlie getting any attention at all from me it is really good I am not one of the many, many moms we know now pregnant with their second (and third!--twins for one--eep!) babies.

Oh, and there will be no second cat. Not allowed by landlords and Harlie really, really is a only-cat kind of kind.


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