Oct. 15th, 2010 01:06 am
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A teething baby is a cranky baby. Nearly ten months old and no teeth have sprouted yet. I hope a whole lot of them pop through real soon now.

That is all.
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Over the past couple of weeks L. has mastered clapping. It is now one of his favorite things to do. He claps all the time, and will even stand completely unassisted and just clap. He even claps underwater while he is swimming (we have a baby and parent swim class together). It is so cute. He also claps while nursing. The first time he did that I said "You are clapping!" and he smiled real big while still latched on. Sweetest. Thing. Ever.

We also think he may be clapping as a way to start signing "more" as that is a sign we are working on a lot with him, but it is not clear yet. However, tonight while nursing he pulled off and started clapping, then he started doing the sign for "milk" (first time ever!), then clapped again. He mimicked Peter when Peter did the milk sign, so we are pretty sure that was intentional. We hadn't really seen him so that with his hands like that before. We are pretty damn impressed.

Such a sweet baby.
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L. is nine months old today. We had his appointment and he weighed in at 22lbs 9oz (81st percentile) and was 29.5 inches long (87th percentile). He is an inch taller and three pounds heavier than S. was at this age (S. had also been sick around this age and had lost weight). L. is a a big, big guy. The super-powers of breastmilk, for sure, He checked out fine at the doctor and is doing well. He laughed manically when I was explaining his sleep issues to the doctor. Apparently he finds it much funnier than we do.

He is working seriously on trying to walk. He lets go and takes a partial step before he falls. He cruises like a mad man and is starting to climb.

He still says "mama" and says "ba ba ba" a lot in just random vocalization. He squeals and shrieks from time to time and just generally converses with us. He seems to understand more and more language now which is great.

Oh, and object permanence has arrived. I tossed the remote under a pillow the other day to keep it out of his reach and he went right for the pillow looking for his prized possession.

He is in love with Harlie. The poor cat gets drummed on and her tail pulled all day. But she tolerates it and doesn't move out of his way, so that's her deal guess.

He is extremely attached to me. He gets upset whenever he is handed off to anyone else, even Peter. He is ALL about mama.

He discovered he could drum water in the tub the other day. He was thrilled at this. He LOVES to drum.

He is kind of giving me kisses which is too sweet. He has as sense of humor, but he is more subdued in that way than S. was or is. L. is a chuckler and will humor you---S. is a gut-laugher.

The brothers love each other. S. always wants to be where L. is and L. loves watching S.

L.'s favorite toys are ones that play music. He plays with them endlessly. We are starting a music class (me and both the kids) next week. I think L. will really love it.

We love our cuddly little (big) baby. He is fun, and sweet, and mostly quite patient while tagging along to all his big-brother's activities.

I cannot believe he has now been outside of me for as long as he was inside of me. It all goes so fast.


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