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My sister and brother-in-law are visiting and we got take-out from our local falafel place for lunch. My brother-in-law got the lamb shawarma and as soon as Harlie smelled the presence of cooked animal flesh in our house she went nuts. Seriously, she had crazy-eyes looking at his plate of food. After lunch he gave her a leftover piece of the lamb and she was in cat heaven. Mmmmm...lamb-snack.


Jan. 4th, 2008 04:52 pm
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The storm has given Harlie a major case of the cat-willies. Poor thing.

cat baby

Dec. 9th, 2007 10:22 pm
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It's rough when you're the cat that no one loves anymore. I mean, it is really, really rough. It is clear she gets no love at all anymore. ;)
Harlie and Peter
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In case anyone doubted just how tolerant Ms. Harlequin is of S., here is proof of what is a multiple times a day occurrence--Harlie getting a hug:

Best Friends Forever
Harlie gets lots of hugs. Lots. She is a very tolerant cat.
Best Friends Forever

No, she has never bitten him and has only very minimally scratched him once when she was "playing" with him with her in-need-of-a-trim-claws retracted. We separate them when she wants to "play" rougher than we are comfortable with or when he gives her a little too much "love". We also try to be vigilant about keeping her claws trimmed.
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Because, really, we are just this sick.
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Next time you have a child be sure to arrange for maternity leave from all your jobs, not just the one that paid you. You should be using the time the baby sleeps to sleep, not work.




In other news...

We got out for many hours today and it was nice if a bit trying. My incision has been hurting and I had some weird pain while walking around the park today. Bleah. S. does very well out and about which is good for us, though I really wish he did so well sleeping at night. Very nice evening with Big Moves folks even if I did spend most of it with a baby hanging off my boob. My back and arms are killing me.

Not much else and a whole lot else going on. It is all a blur. We're tired and run down. I've watched more bad TV in the past couple of weeks than I care to admit--of course what else am I going to do while chained to a chair nursing so many hours a day?

I seriously need to get outside tomorrow and pick some tomatoes.

And proving she is still our cat-baby, here's how I found Harlie sleeping this morning:
091006 019
[ profile] ptor had fallen asleep on the couch after we got up very early in the morning for a diaper change and feed and I left him there. Harlie apparently took her opportunity to claim her cat-daddy for herself.
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I was working on finishing packing our hospital suitcase so it would be ready whenever we finally need to go to the hospital to have this baby. I left the suitcase open on the sofa as I am still working on it and Harlie decided to pack herself )
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As I have mentioned before, Harlie has a cat-friend named Rocco who visits her through our windows. Rocco is a scruffy little neighborhood cat. Recently Rocco has discovered our backyard--we have lots of birds in our backyard throughout the day which is very appealing to him. Fortunately for our birds, Rocco wears a collar with a big 'ol bell on it (we can hear him even when we are in the house and he is a block or so away). Rocco has also discovered that he can visit Harlie through the back door and back window and today he came and visited again.
Harlie and Rocco

It really is too cute.
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When I am sitting in the office (as I am now) Harlie often brings me things to play fetch with her with. Usually it is a paperball (who knows how many wadded up pieces of paper we have in the crevices of the house) or one of my large, fabric covered hair rubberbands. Just now she brought me a regular rubberband which she is not allowed to play with (too small and too easy for her to eat, which she will) and we keep hidden in drawers (don't know where she unearthed this one). So, I picked it up, threw it away and made her a fresh paperball and threw it for her and she went running after it. A moment later she came back in and dropped something very small next to me, clearly not her paperball. It was a cherry stem. OK, weird cat, you want to play fetch with a cherry stem? Of course, cherry stems are not very easy to throw and she ended up dissatisifed and cranky and has now wandered off, probably in search of more exciting toys.

We have a very weird cat.
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I've been cleaning out closets and trying to organize stuff. Today I was working on getting my costumes organized. In the process I found a garter I've used as a costume piece. Being evil, I decided to see what it would look like on Harlie. She just tried to eat it and I didn't have the camera ready. When [personal profile] ptor came home I told him the story and then I had Harlie model the garter again. He got a picture with his camera phone.
Proof we are evil cat-parents )


Apr. 26th, 2006 04:02 pm
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Harlie has a cat-friend who visits her through the front windows and door. His name is Rocco and he is a smallish (I'd guess in the 7-8 pound range) white cat with a grey tail who lives a few houses down and in all of our yards. He is a friendly little guy and often comes running up the walkway when he hears me open the front door or I pull up in the car. He jumps up on the porch chairs to look in the main front window and if Harlie is around she jumps up on the windowsill and they visit. It is too damned cure. He has tried to get in the house, though we don't allow that for Harlie's sake and ours as he is not fixed and would probably spray everything. So, they have their window affair and it is sweet. (Harlie is an indoor-only kitty)

Rocco, though small, is apparently very tough. I just saw him trotting down the sidewalk across the street with a big jay in his mouth. I swear the bird was more than half his size. Rocco, the tough street cat.
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When Harlie purrs she vocalizes a lot and the result is pigeon-coo-like. We captured it with a phone post last night. We love our sweet kitten!
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Few things are cuter than tiny kitten snores.
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Harlie got a huge treat last night. Not only did her cat-uncle, [ profile] catzen, chase her around and play with her and her paperball until she was worn out she got to sleep with cat-uncle. Oh, it was a treat unparalled for her! Usually when he stays he keeps her out of the room he's in. However, as his allergies are doing better he kept his door open and let her sleep on the bed with him. She stayed there for most the night. Sometime early this morning she moved to our (my and [ profile] ptor's) bed and we woke up to her curled up between our pillows. So cute! And such a happy kitty! So much special attention just for her.
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I caught Harlie in the middle of big yawn today.
a big yawn


Feb. 24th, 2006 12:32 pm
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cat TMI--cut for the squeamish )
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[ profile] ptor shared his very funny Harlie story here. I need to post the pictures of the experiment. It really was rather fuuny

So cute!!!

Dec. 29th, 2005 10:00 pm
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Harlie was earnestly grooming Peter's head. I grabbed a couple of photos, of course.
Too Cute!!

And that tongue!

And I rather like this one of [ profile] ptor

More at the links...


Nov. 18th, 2005 11:14 pm
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In an effort to distract myself today I uploaded some new pictures and figured I'd share so there would be some pneumonia-free content:

Recent self-portrait
Self-portrait 11/04/05

Peter demonstrating how a "cat-snuggly" can be used
Peter holding Harlie in her snuggly

Harlie showing off her claws
claw detail


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