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My HAES thought for the day: Try not to assume what physical activity you or others are capable of based on body size. Our body sizes and shapes *can* influence what we can and cannot do, but there are few absolutes here. Many a Fly Girl at one time or another believed their size limited them in ways it actually did not. Just sayin'.
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My (belated) HAES thought for the day: Stop using the word "fat" to mean ugly, less than, repugnant, shameful, bad, wrong, or anything less than the simple size-descriptor that it is. Stop using it as in insult to yourself or others. Neutralize the word in your own language usage and others may follow.
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My HAES thought for the day: Have you done anything that has helped you accept and love your body? Have you embraced the principles of HAES in any way? Tell your story. Sharing your own story of learning to love yourself or living to your fullest at any size can deeply touch those around you and have a far greater impact than you ever imagined.
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My HAES thought for the day: Step away from the weight-loss "reality TV" humilitainment shows. Shows like "The Biggest Loser" et al, do not exist for any reason other than to make money for their producers, networks, and advertisers. They are not helping *anyone*. This type of programming is harmful all around and is actually a rather shameful by-product of a fat-phobic society.
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My HAES thought for the day: When you go out to eat, order what you want, not what you feel will be deemed "acceptable". And then enjoy your food! I know many of us fear judgment from the servers, other patrons, our even fellow diners at our own table, etc., but really, our food choices are our own business and not theirs.
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My HAES thought for today, a little late since I was out being all HAES-ish with the Fly Girls: Try reading a size-positive/HAES/fat politics-related blog. Lesley Kinzel's Two Whole Cakes (formerly Fatsionista) at, Big Fat Blog at, and Well Rounded Mama at are just a few you could check out.
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My HAES thought for the day: Instead of focusing on how your body looks, think about what it can do. What things are you happy/proud/thankful your body can do? I love that I can leap and jump high and fearlessly (when not injured). I have my strong legs and feet to thank for that.
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My HAES thought for the day: Do something that makes you feel good in your body. It could be a walk, a massage, a soak in a hot tub, going for a swim, taking a hot shower, getting a facial, getting your hair cut, doing yoga, going to a dance class, etc. Just do something, anything, that makes you feel good in your body.
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My HAES thought for the day: If you are physically able to, how about trying a new physical activity? Again, try it not for weight loss, but for the fun of it and the joy of moving your body. You might find something you really enjoy doing.
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My HAES thought for the day: Try a new-to-you fruit or vegetable, or try a new way of preparing one that you typically dislike. Do this for the fun of it and variety in your daily food intake, not as a weight-loss strategy. You may discover a whole new world of food to enjoy!

I say this as someone who didn't eat a wide variety of vegetables for a long time. Over the past ten years or so I have really broadened my horizons and we eat a whole lot of produce around here. Fruits and vegetables we eat a lot of, assuming they are in season, are: Apples, pears, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, boysenberries, bananas, peaches, nectarines, kale, cauliflower, potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, lettuce (many varieties), strawberries, celery, carrots, onions, garlic, bell peppers, cucumbers, summer squash, leeks, Brussels sprouts, corn, citrus fruit (grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, kumquats, satsumas, etc.), avocados, and tomatoes (a whole lot of tomatoes). Items that we eat less frequently (but still eat!) are: okra, celery root, fennel, spinach, chard, plums, winter squash, mushrooms, snap peas, snow peas, persimmons and artichokes.

Now go try something from that list! If you are at a loss as to how to prepare it, ask me...I probably know a way.
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HAES for the day: Have you put off treatment for a medical issue because you fear getting weighed and fat-shaming by your doctor? PLEASE seek treatment. Saying, "I'd prefer not to be weighed" or asking to be weighed backwards are helpful strategies. If the doctor insists on discussing your weight you can say "I am here to discuss issue X, not my weight. Please tell me how we can treat issue X in the absence of weight loss."

Also, bring an advocate! Having another person in the room with you can really help make the visit more productive and professional by helping to keep the doctor focused on why you are seeing them that day, and not on weight loss. It can also help ease your anxiety in the situation, and your advocate can help take notes and ask questions.
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HAES thought for today: Is there something you are not doing because you believe yourself too fat to do it or you are waiting to do it until you are thinner? How about just going for it? It could be anything: taking a dance class, buying a swimsuit, swimming in a public pool, going hiking, getting married, dating, etc.--these are all things we can do at any size, regardless of what we are led to believe.

I want to add that I know many things can be extra-daunting for fat people for myriad reasons (not the least of which is a very legitimate fear of ridicule) and I know that at as a smaller, able-bodied, fat I have an easier time of it. I am... not trying to dismiss anyone's struggles.

That said, as a larger and smaller fat I have done all of the following: swam and competed on a master's swim team, taken countless dance classes, joined a dance company, gotten married, hiked the Harding Icefield Trail in Alaska, swam with my children in public pools, been on TV, performed all over the place, performed while showing a whole lotta' leg, had two babies one of which was a successful VBAC, choreographed numerous dance pieces, and taught dance classes to fat and thin people.

baby steps

Jan. 7th, 2011 02:49 pm
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HAES related-thought: You don't have to absolutely love everything about yourself and your body 100% of the time. None of us do. We all have bad days and bad moments. Try first to just stop *hating* your body. You don't have to love it, just try to stop the hate. The absence of the hate will soon breed some level of acceptance and eventually appreciation and love. Baby steps to body love. Baby steps.
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HAES thought for the day: Don't make self-deprecating remarks about your body. It only feeds your own body hatred and the body hatred of those around you. You are not talking about just you, nor do you affect just you, when you make body-hating comments about yourself. Find a way to be positive, even if you have to fake it until you can make it.

So, instead of saying hateful things about your body, how about finding something positive to say? It can be anything, no matter how small. Your self-love will encourage others to love themselves and their bodies as well.

And this goes double for parents. Your kids take their cues from you. Kids often learn to hate their bodies because their parents' hated their own bodies. Help stop this cycle.
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If you are being mistreated, not getting appropriate treatment, or not having your symptoms adequately investigated by a health care provider because of your size GET ANOTHER PROVIDER STAT! It is your body, your health, and you deserve proper care. The blog "First, Do No Harm" tells the... stories of how so many of us are routinely (mis)treated by medical professionals. Also, SAY SOMETHING! Complain, report the doctor, tell your story. You deserve to be heard. Don't let the doctors fat-shame you into being sick/injured and silent about poor treatment.

Need help finding a fat-friendly doctor? You can start here:


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