penis cake

Oct. 30th, 2005 09:38 am
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I am sure many of you have seen this, but I had to share just in case you didn't. And yeah, NOT safe for work. Really. Unless you work for Good Vibes.

Penis cake.
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Today's 10@10 on KFOG had a Folsom theme. Color me amused. And for posterity, here is what they played:
    9/23/05 - Hit me, it's FRIDAY!!! Today's 10@10 has a Folsom Street Fair Theme....

    1. Pete Townshend - Rough Boys
    2. Rolling Stones - Slave
    3. Devo - Whip it
    4. Squeeze - Take Me, I'm Yours
    5. Tubes - Don't Touch Me There
    6. Bryan Ferry - Slave to Love
    7. Pretenders - Tatooed Boys (B-O-S!!)
    8. Depeche Mode - Master & Servant
    9. Ian Dury & the Blockheads - Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
    10. Pat Benetar - Hit Me With Your Best Shot

    BONUS TRACK: Allman Brothers Band - Whipping Post
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I needed to do this today. That "100 things I love" meme, last seen with [ profile] klwalton and [ profile] stonebender:

100 things I love
  1. The smell of marigold petals on my fingers

  2. Dancing on the lawn at Shoreline on a warm summer night to music I love

  3. Making soup from scratch

  4. Our backyard squirrels and birds

  5. The smell of garlic and olive oil warming in a pan

  6. Harlie kneading me with her paws

  7. The fact that Big Moves exists and that I am a part of it

  8. Capturing with photos some of the beauty I see around me and sharing it with others

  9. The Bridge School Benefit

  10. Bitch magazine

  11. Sunflowers

  12. the rest of the list here )


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