Jan. 23rd, 2012 03:28 pm
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Some very powerful stuff is coming out in response to Georgia's anti-fat-kids campaign. Check out the responses here: and here:

I just submitted my photo and caption to Marilyn for use in the photo campaign.

I am so disturbed the original campaign and I don't really have the heart to detail it here. See above if you are interested.

And, trust me, shaming a fat kid never results in a healthy thin kid.
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I always thought Mick LaSalle was a big 'ol asshat. This just cements it:

A couple of weeks ago I got some nasty reaction to my review of JUST WRIGHT, the new Queen Latifah movie in which she is the romantic lead. She plays an average woman who becomes the love interest of an extremely desirable man -- an NBA superstar who could presumably have absolutely anybody. In the most delicate terms imaginable, I questioned how the movie could present its hero's attraction for (let's just say it) an obese woman, without in some way accounting for the unusual nature of that attraction. (warning: many of the comments are just horrible).

Because, apparently, someone who could "have anybody" would never actually choose to be with a fat woman, according to LaSalle. So, in LaSalle's world, men who love fat women only love them because they can't get the skinny ones? Really? Is he really saying that? Oh yes he is.

And really, on what fucking planet is Queen Latifah anything but a super-desirable female? I mean, I thought that was a given.

And let's not forget that female leads in Hollywood have progressively gotten skinnier over recent years--size zero is the new four. Hollywood isn't having any "fat delusions" is the same old crap but worse than ever.

What a self-important asshat! Urgh.
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I have never liked Jamie Oliver. Back in the day when he was on the Food Network I found him annoying and pompous. Then he donned the fat suit and televised the autopsy of a fat man ostensibly to show us fatties how we are killing ourselves, because, you know, he really cares so much about us and our health and not about sensationalist tactics to draw ratings and keep his career on life support.

Well then...then I was fully convinced of his jack-assery and was fully hoping never to see his smug face on TV or in print again.

But now we have something even more special.

Now he has come to save us American fatties from ourselves in the form of a more-disgusting-than-typical reality TV show where he gets to be our skinny Jesus chef (read the post and comments at the link because they deconstruct his new show better than I can here right now). Because, you know, we are killing our children and we need some fame-whore tool to tell us so! And, let's be clear--it is the mothers and underpaid female school cafeteria workers who are to blame for this assault on our youth. I guess someone forgot to tell me that low-paid women have all the power now! Wow, glad we got that straightened out.

I am too tired to say much more about it now, but really, read the story and comments at the link because it really sums up the seven hundred types of wrong his bullshit is.

I seethe because the great majority of folks who come across his particular brand of bullshit/fatsploitation/humilitainment lap it up with a super-sized spoon and feel all happy and sumg inside because they aren't as fat/stupid/lazy/slovenly/evil as those damned stupid fatties on TV.

And for that, I weep.


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