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On another note, in case anyone was wondering, cancer sucks tacks through a bendy straw. For the third time in almost as many years I am watching someone struggle through the hell of it.

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...I need a break.

So. Fucking. Busy.

And underslept.

Two more weeks. Just two more weeks then I can get some rest.

[ profile] ptor was a saint and got groceries and made dinner while I was at rehearsal even though he is sick. He made good soup. Yum. Helped with the stress a bit.

But, damn, I am overwhelmed and over-busy.

foul mood

Sep. 28th, 2005 10:53 pm
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Mostly cranky and shitty day, followed up by some extra-shittiness this evening.


But, in good stuff, I have to tell you, [ profile] kineticphoenix is awesome as always and a joy to work/dance with.

My foot is getting better but still cranky, as is my lower back.

And I am looking at three nights in a row in the city for a show. Plus two mornings of rehearsal. Good stuff but too much stress and activity. Perhaps I can take some meditative downtime before we perform on Friday and Saturday.

October 17th is looking better and better every minute.

Now, I need to cut some music for the show this weekend.

I still need dinner and some rest and some quiet time.
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My sister and her fiance are being uprooted again, this time with his parents. They live in Lafayette, LA with his parents (since they no longer have a home in New Orleans) and Rita will most likely be trashing the place any day now, so off to Baton Rouge they go to stay with more family.

Fuck. What a nightmaree.
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There are days when "I HAVE HAD IT" does little to sum up how I feel about certain situations.

The capacity some have for flakiness just boggles my mind.

Cannot go into details here, but suffice it to say I am PISSED and cranky and frustrated and un--fucking-amused.

I am going to go eat lunch and escape into my novel for a while.
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Ten years ago today Jerry Garcia died while in rehab.


    "Summer flies and August dies
    the world grows dark and mean"--"Days Between", Hunter/Garcia

    "Going where the climate suits my clothes
    Don't wanna be treated this a way
    Going where the water tastes like wine
    Don't wanna be treated this a way"--"Going Down the Road Feeling Bad", Traditional

    "River gonna take me
    Sing me sweet and sleepy
    Sing me sweet and sleepy
    all the way back back home
    It's a far gone lullaby
    sung many years ago
    Mama, Mama, many worlds I've come
    since I first left home

    Goin home, goin home
    by the waterside I will rest my bones
    Listen to the river sing sweet songs
    to rock my soul"--"Brokedown Palace", Hunter/Garcia

What many know is that we lost a leader of The Grateful Dead, a band with music that meant so much to many of us. What many don't know is that we also lost an amazing bluegrass musician.
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Burrito filling spilled all over the front of my light colored shirt at lunch.

Sums up my day quite nicely, if you ask me.

Off to yoga where hopefully I will have the start of the better evening.

too busy

Aug. 7th, 2005 11:29 pm
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How is the weekend already over?!

I managed to squeeze in two rehearsals, a photo shoot, more web updates, a birthday party for a co-worker/friend, time hanging out with [ profile] ptor, grocery shopping, laundry, dishes, bill paying, and a walk.

But I only got about half of what I wanted and needed to do done.


I have four performances in the next two weeks and starting next week through the middle of October my rehearsal time goes from 7.5 hours a week, to 9.5 hours a week, and my rehearsal commute time gets another hour and a half added to it each week (it currently stands at about 4.5 hours a week).

I like doing all this, but right now it is a bit much. Especially on top of working 40 hours a week and commuting roughly five-seven hours a week for work.

I need to figure out a way to make it through October and retain my sanity.

At least I seem to finally be recovered from the migraine.
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A year ago today, within the past hour, I watched as my grandmother took her last breath.


I miss her.

It is not often that I long for something to numb pain, but today is one of those days. A co-worker's mother is dying and reliving what I went through last year in watching someone else is not fun.

Just another in a long line of reasons of why I hate August.


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