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We had on OK week. S. was sick in the beginning of the week, seemed to get better mid-week, but now his nose is running a lot again. Feh. Tuesday we all walked to the polls and voted and had a nice walk afterwards. We missed gym on Wednesday so he could sleep, but we went to the farm later in the day and had fun. The chickens were especially exciting to him this trip. We went to music on Thursday and he had a good time. We were running late that morning so I brought his breakfast with us and we ate it at the Starbuck's next to his class afterwards and watched the birds. I noticed at class that he is taller than the other kids his age--he is really stretching out. Thursday night I went to dance class and bemoaned my tight hamstrings. I need to stretch more throughout the week if I ever want to get my full splits back. Friday S. and I hung out then went to the park in the afternoon with our baby and mommy friends. We had a nice time, though S. and his baby-friend-N. were far more interested in the guys playing basketball than what the other kids were doing on the playground. I found out that yet another mom in our playgroup is pregnant again--that makes three now out of about eight of us. Yikes. I honestly cannot imagine being pregnant again right now. Urgh. One of them is pregnant with twins--double yikes. Friday night [ profile] ptor went to a HAM radio meeting at the local club which was very nice for him as he hasn't had the opportunity to go since S. was born. Uncle [ profile] catzen came over and brought falafel and had dinner with me and S. S. loves his uncle. I spent far too long trying cut music for the Fly Girls' new lyrical piece--I eventually had to give up on one of my ideas for the cut because there was no way I was going to get it to work and I just did a simpler cut. Cutting music is not a favored activity of mine. Late Friday night I finally finished choreographing the lyrical piece (yay me!) and reviewed some old hip hop choreo that I needed to teach. Saturday was a board meeting and rehearsal. Both went well ([ profile] loracs, I will send you board notes this week--nothing too big or urgent) and I am happy with the progression of the lyrical piece. My ideas for formations didn't work too well, so I am working on revising them this week. Unfortunately, after I got home on Saturday I started to feel really sick and my nose completely stuffed up by the end of the night and this morning I was full-fledged sick. Yuck! So, we kept it mellow today, just hanging around the house and taking a nice neighborhood walk. It was really warm which was great. S. passed out in the stroller and [ profile] ptor got some yard work done while S. slept.

Not too much else. I am really busy weeknights doing Big Moves work as we have a lot coming up, so that is taking a lot of my brain space and time. Oh, I crocheted [ profile] ptor a new hat this week--I am quite happy with it. Pictures to come (and of S.'s hats I made him for Christmas and my mom's scarf and dad's hat).

On the cooking front, I made really good rice and bean enchiladas this week and made enough sauce and filling so that we were able to each them for lunches for several days. I did split pea soup later in the week and it turned out really well. Split pea soup is one of the easiest soups to make which is just one reason why I love it--everything just all goes into the pot and it cooks. Nothing more to do. I used half green and half yellow split peas which gave it a nice color.

Oh, S. ended his nursing strike from a couple of weeks ago after 48 hours. We were relieved. I was really glad it wasn't too drawn out (though it felt like an eternity), partly because my elbow started hurting from hand-expressing milk. Over the past couple of weeks he has started nursing even more frequently than before the strike which I have to admit I am not 100% thrilled about. When the frequency goes over eight times a day I find it a bit hard to manage (remember, this is not a newborn we are talking about--he is almost 18 months old). One thing I did notice during his strike was how much less hungry I was and it was kind of nice not to have to constantly deal with that. He seriously drains me. I really hope to have him weaned by this time next year. And I will say again that I think it is entirely unfair that I have had regular periods since six weeks post-partum despite nursing full-time--talk about being drained!

So, that was our week. More of the same this week and I need to schedule a gyno appointment for myself and S.'s 18-month well check. More bills to pay and we should think about getting our taxes done very soon as well. Have I mentioned that the medical bills the past couple of years, especially the past 6-8 months have been killing us? Between my three surgeries in two years, S.'s hospitalization and multiple expensive medical tests and way too much dental work for me it just seems like it is never-ending. I know, at least we have insurance, but it is still thousands of dollars out of pocket. Not to mention, I still have to finish the dental work, [ profile] ptor and I both need new glasses and [ profile] ptor needs minor surgery. Why does it all have to cost so damned much? Gah.

Well, the meds have worked their magic and I can breathe enough to go to bed.


My Valentinr - cassidyrose
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Holy crap, did we ever feel it! It lasted long enough that we were able to: be shocked, grab S., get under a doorway and feel quite a bit more of it while standing in the doorway.

5.6--not small.

I haven't felt one that strong since Loma Prieta in 1989. While Loma Prieta was bigger than this one, I was living much further from the epicenter so what I felt was similar to what I felt this evening.

I am still a bit shocked from feeling the ground shake so strongly and hearing the house shake. I've been through many, many earthquakes, but not many last this long.

not fun

Oct. 26th, 2007 02:01 am
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Got home from a trip to the farm today with an under-napped and hungry, but not starving, baby. I was planning on putting him in his high chair so he could hopefully amuse himself with his new crayons and paper while I made our lunch. I walked into the kitchen and found that would not be possible. Massive ant invasion. From the side living room window to all over the dining room floor, of course congregated under said baby's high chair (no, I did not mop after breakfast). I had to take care the ants, fast. They were all over the place. I hate ants with the power of a thousand burning suns. Thet were the bane of my exisitence as a child. Dealing with ant invasions is far below wiping my cat's ass in terms of unpleasant chores.

But I digress...

So, yeah, I had to take care of the ants.

Under normal circumstances this would be odious, but with a cranky child the fun gets cranked up to eleven. It took me roughly 45 minutes to kill/clean up all the ants, mop the floor twice, removing even the tiniest hints of Cherrio crumbs, and make our lunches. For the entire forty five minutes (save for the few instances where he forget to be angry) I got to listen to S. whine and scream because I had put him in the living room on the other side of the safety fence. I felt awful for him because I knew he was hungry and tired (of course he refused to nap later), but there was nothing I could do. I couldn't keep him in the kitchen with me while I was mopping like someone's deranged housekeeper and I couldn't leave the ants for later. And he is fourteen months old and could see me the whole time and he wasn't in trouble, etc. He was just pissed. Understandably pissed, but a pissed off toddler is not my idea of fun. Ever. Add thousands of ants to the equation and it starts to reach a certain level of hell.


It seems the ants are under control for now. I hope it stays that way.

Music in the morning and two Halloween parties for S. in the afternoon/evening.


Sep. 28th, 2007 12:51 am
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So, the whole family has been sick for many days now. S. got it first and was sickest over the weeekend. [ profile] ptor and I have been most sick for the past few days, me being the sickest currently. It sucks. S. is bored and I feel so crappy it is hard to keep the energy up to play with him and read the same books over and over and over to him. We can't go our regular places (museum, music, see other baby friends, etc.) because well, he's sick and contagious to the other babies and I am so wiped I can barely slog through Trader Joe's without feeling like I need a two hour nap. [ profile] ptor and I have been subsisting on canned soup (The HORROR!!! Yes, it kills me that I've been too tired to make soup), bread, baked potatoes and juice. I would say most our culinary energy has gone into making sure S.'s meals are prepped and that he gets fed. ::sigh::

Yes, I am whining.

We will all hopefully be getting better soon. At least Harlie is not sick.

I have lots more to post about. One of these days, real soon now, I am going to start posting the backlog of posts in my head. Really. Just not today.


Aug. 6th, 2007 12:22 am
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Spent the weekend performing at the Animal Masquerade at the Great American Music Hall. We performed our fat-positive re-write of "Mein Herr" in corsets, petticoats and animal costuming depicting animals that are typically used to insult fat people (pig, elephant, hippo, dog and cow). We were a hit both nights which was great. Saturday's show had a much larger audience than tonight's which figures as Sunday is not a great night for a show, but both audiences were quite appreciative.

It was fun, but I have to say it was a whole hell of a lot of work to be on stage for roughly four minutes each night. Urgh. Not to mention we [ profile] ptor and I) had to make two trips into the city yesterday (once for tech and once for the show) which amounted to over four hours of driving. Why two trips? I didn't have enough milk stored for S. to be away from him for very long and my pumping output is almost negligible at this point so I had to come home to feed him midday yesterday. I have now chewed through almost all the milk I had stored for him. I need to work on this pumping issue. My mom came and watched S. yesteday and he enjoyed all the nana time. She stayed through this afternoon so [ profile] ptor and I actually got to get some yardwork done and go out to lunch together all by ourselves! Yay for a lunch date without Mr. S.! We love him and love being with him but we hardly get any time alone and it is nice (especially for me) to eat a meal without negotiating feeding him at the same time.

And here I am in my elephant costume. )


Aug. 3rd, 2007 01:59 am
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We've just been busy. I hardly get any time in front of the computer anymore, and the time I do get is stolen from sleep time (like now). S. is almost one and things are crazy around here. I'm in two shows this weekend: and am frantically trying to finish my costume.

Random tidbits:
    --We went to Oklahoma in July to visit Peter's family after our trip to Portland, OR in June.
    --My wrist is healing well though I still cannot put much weight on it. Scar tissue hurts. The scar itself itches.
    --We kind of sorta have a garden. I have no time to tend it though.
    --There is lots going on in the news I wish I could sit and write about. The bridge disaster horrifies me.
    --Soon, I am going to sit down and write a deconstruction of the crazy fat-phobic television programming I come across during the day (and night).
    --I also wish to do a page-by-page desconstruction of the piece of garbage "Parenting" magazine that keeps showing up at my house (no, I didn't order it--they send it for free--someone sold them my name).
    --I am not liking the Mercury News' business section redesign. It mostly sucks. And what the fuck is up with the sudden appearance in said section of random ads for "Japanese Women"? Ew. Very mail-order. Very creepy. Clearly they did not think their audience was people like me.
    --I enjoyed Barbara Kingsolver's "Prodigal Summer". Not as much as I liked "Poisonwood Bible", but I still rather enjoyed it. Julia Alvarez's "Yo!" was fantastic. Oh, and Armisted Maupin's "Michael Tolliver Lives" was downright wonderful. I love Maupin and always loved the character of Michael so it was great to read this new book set in very current times. As always, Maupin gets everything right about the times and San Francisco. [ profile] catzen was very kind and loaned me the book even before he had read it (and he has a signed copy!).
    --Harlie likes honeydew. And cantaloupe. Random.
    --Saturday marks the three year anniversay of my grandmother's death. ::sigh::

OK, I really need to get in bed and get some rest.

just wiped

May. 2nd, 2007 11:37 pm
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Great shows over the weekend. Sold out, good crowds, good performances. I am, however, so beat it is not even funny. I didn't make it home until between midnight and 2am three nights in a row and that is a bit much with an eight month old. Entertainment Tonight taped the Saturday show and interviewed me and Matilda after the show. It is hard doing interviews like that because I always think of much better things to say after the interview. Ah well...

Next up...Fat Girl Speaks in Portland in June then another gig at the Great American Music Hall with Rosin Coven in August.

In family news, we are still dealing with some health issues with S. He is fine (we believe) but there are some specialists we need to see soon. Just added stressors.

[ profile] ptor's job went from bad to worse this week. Not good at all. Ugh.

We start a six-week sign language class with S. tomorrow night and are looking forward to it.

We've been busy. Too busy. I barely have time to read anything here, let alone write.

That is what is up with us.
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Stress-o-rama around here.

Trying to pull one thousand details together for the Chocolate Tasting. I still need to choreograph and rehearse my solo. At least I reserved studio time to do it (at twice what I would pay in Berkeley, but I needed somewhere in Fremont as I just cannot deal with an extra 1.5 hours of drive time to do this).

S. is still cranky with either the ear pressure or teething (we are guessing teeth at this point given his chomping and sucking on everything and the frightening amounts of drool he is producing). To add to this he has figured out that he can flip himself over, repeatedly, onto his belly mid-diaper change which makes the task of getting a new diaper on him incredibly difficult and much like a wrestling match. He also has decided that getting dressed is the greatest injustice known to baby-kind. If it was summer I'd just put him in a diaper and call it a day (and add a onesie if we were going out). It is not summer, however, and it is cold and he has to wear clothes no matter how much he hates putting them on. ::sigh:: He has lots good going on as well, it was just a LONG and stressful day. His sleep is horked from the ear infection/teething and whatever else he has going on. Oh, and did I mention he started eating one of [ profile] ptor's slippers today? Ugh. Lucikly they have only been worn in the house, but still. I was horrified, though not as horrifed as the time he tried to eat the table at a cafe in Berkeley.

I hate the rain. I know we need it, but I hate it. I hate being out in it. I hate the wet and cold. I hate the craptastic driving that takes place in it.

I am tired.

Just stressed and tired. I have so much to write about and not a lot of time to do it coherently. Heather's San Francisco good-bye ritual, funeral procession and wake were on Sunday. Very sad and very beautiful. I want to write about it but I need time to do so. I still need to write S.'s birth story. I still need to organize hundreds of baby pictures for my in-laws. I spend hours everyday doing Big Moves stuff and I still cannot keep up. Ugh.

At least we had good soup the past two days (leek and potato last night, navy bean and celery root tonight).


Feb. 3rd, 2007 01:25 am
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Sixty high school aged kids in a dance studio is my new definition of chaos.

Oh yeah.

We (me and Ms. Matilda) were asked to teach a hip hop workshop last night (Friday) at CSU Hayward East Bay as part of the Renaud Wilson Dance Festival. We thought we were going to have 25-35 students. We had SIXTY, if not more. All teenagers. I didn't relate well to teenagers when I was one and I certainly do not feel like I do now, fourteen-plus years later. However, they were mostly good (though the noise level was insane at times) and seemed to enjoy the class even though it was taught by two old fogie fat white ladies. Actually, they all really enjoyed it and it was fun if incredibly draining. I barely have a voice left (talking over them and the music) and am wiped (I was sick all week).

And now I am finishing up year-end financial statements for a board meeting at 10:00am which means if I am lucky I am going to score 5-6 hours of sleep, most likely interupted by a certain baby.

Oh, and I never really notice the jiggle of my boobs while dancing until I am teaching a bunch of teenaged boys. Yeah. I was a touch self-conscious, especially around all the A-cup tiny girl dancers.

in brief

Dec. 12th, 2006 06:14 pm
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Not much time to update, a few things of note...

S. has his first cold. He isn't too miserable, but he is snotty and coughs and sneezes a bunch which impairs his (and our) sleep. I took him into the shower with me today to steam him and it seemed to help some. The big downside is that we cannot got to Baby and Me until he is better so I am BORED stuck at home with a sick, poorly sleeping infant.

My recent bloodwork showed no issues except low iron saturation. I am taking a supplement, but once again with my period (I got it yesterday) I feel like I've been run over by a truck. Being this wiped sucks.

My birthday is on Sunday. I am not feeling particularly festive.

I haven't purchased a single thing for, nor really thought about Giftmas.

My grandfather has transitioned to hospice care and will certainly die very soon. I am sure this is some of the reason I am not really feeling the holiday or birthday spirit.

I don't like rain. It has been raining a bunch. Yick.

We really need to go grocery shopping. ::sigh::

I am making a chickpea soup for dinner from a recipe I have never tried before. I hope it turns out well.

Harlie is working on getting herself banned from our bedroom at night by being a Very Bratty Cat.

OK, S. is chortely--must go.
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A trip to the doctor confirmed that the yellow in S.'s eyes (remnants of jaundice) is gone so no blood test needed. Yay! Also, what we thought was possibly a tooth is actually a little benign cyst on his gums. Big relief that our 10-week old is not teething. His additional fussiness may be because he grew out of his Prilosec dose, so the doc upped it.

On with our day...
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Lots going on here. We wrapped up the show Saturday night and it went well. The dancers were wonderful and while I wish we had had more people in the audience we had a decent crowd each night and they were appreciative. However, never again will I endeavor to run a show like that (in the city, no less) with a six week old. Too much. I am so burnt. I was frantic before the show trying to get everything done, then I had to be in the city for 5-6 hours each night for four nights, plus I had to drive there from here, which with traffic and rain took over an hour and half. [ profile] ptor had to take off work early Wed-Friday in order to be home in time to be on Daddy duty and he got no break from work until I got home at midnight. It was rough, but we got through it. I am pleased that I managed to have enough pumped breastmilk for [ profile] ptor to feed S. while I was gone and we didn't have to go the formula route. I need a break, but I still have to settle finances this week which is time-consuming and stess-inducing.

In other news, we ventured out yesterday and brought ourselves in to this century by buying a digital video camera--a low-end one, but way better than the old crufty 8mm one we currently have. Now we can take video of S. to send to [ profile] ptor's family and my sister, who now lives almost as far east in the US as one could get.

As for cheese, I am currently without. In an attempt to fix S.'s colic and reflux problems I am on a dairy elimiation diet which sucks tacks through a bendy straw. Not only do I love cheese, I am also a vegetarian--my food choices are now quite limited (I am sure some veagns would disagree, but I am not a vegan and don't want to be. I like cheese). We are desperate for sleep and a baby who is not in pain, so it is well worth it. Things have improved with S., though we are unsure if it is the increased Zantac or my lack of dairy. Next week we will re-introduce dairy to my diet and see if things get worse or stay the same.

{posting interrupted by baby feeding, baby crankiness, trip to Trader Joe's and ensuing car unloading.)

Other stuff is going on here, mainly not so great health crap that continues for members of my birth family. ::sigh::

In my health news, I had my six week post-partum appointment last Wednesday and my doctor thought my incision was healing fine (which it is, it just hurts) and I was cleared for exercise. Of course she informed me that it was "time" to do the things I "need to do, like dieting and exercise." Um, yeah. I didn't mention dieting. I am not dieting. I am not trying to lose weight, nor do I even have any "baby weight" to lose as it is all gone already (I don't diet and didn't diet post-birth, I just lost weight). On the second mention of dieting [ profile] ptor announced "We are anti-diet" at which she got somewhat flustered. Good. And what the hell is all this bullshit about dieting when I am exclusively breastfeeding? Dieting is one of the worst things I could be doing right now. Oh yeah, I forgot--I'm fat, therefore my normative state is to be dieting, no matter what. Gah. So annoyed and cranky. And don't even get me started on the breastfeeding book they gave me (from the American Academy of Pediatrics)--when addressing the extra calories breastfeeding women need they say "Don't worry. Those extra calories go to your baby's thighs, not yours!" Bleah. It sucks how much there is about weight loss in almost every breastfeeding publication I've seen. It is tiring and tiresome.

I am also annoyed at the idyllic picture of breastfeeding and infant care such publications present--it is all supposed to be precious and sweet and more fulfulling that anything else in our lives, ever. It's not. At least for me. It is frustrating and tiring and tedious at times. I love S., but breastfeeding has been rough on me and my body and I am not going to pretend otherwise. My body hurts from holding him and feeding him and carrying him and sitting so damned much.

OK, time to feed him again so I must go.
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Next time you have a child be sure to arrange for maternity leave from all your jobs, not just the one that paid you. You should be using the time the baby sleeps to sleep, not work.




In other news...

We got out for many hours today and it was nice if a bit trying. My incision has been hurting and I had some weird pain while walking around the park today. Bleah. S. does very well out and about which is good for us, though I really wish he did so well sleeping at night. Very nice evening with Big Moves folks even if I did spend most of it with a baby hanging off my boob. My back and arms are killing me.

Not much else and a whole lot else going on. It is all a blur. We're tired and run down. I've watched more bad TV in the past couple of weeks than I care to admit--of course what else am I going to do while chained to a chair nursing so many hours a day?

I seriously need to get outside tomorrow and pick some tomatoes.

And proving she is still our cat-baby, here's how I found Harlie sleeping this morning:
091006 019
[ profile] ptor had fallen asleep on the couch after we got up very early in the morning for a diaper change and feed and I left him there. Harlie apparently took her opportunity to claim her cat-daddy for herself.


Aug. 21st, 2006 12:34 am
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We've had a good weekend, though I will admit waiting for this baby to show up is torture.

On Friday night we had a nice dinner out then went and saw "Little Miss Sunshine" which we both found to be marvelous. Everyone was great in it, but Steve Carell was quite the standout. I read that his part was originally written for Bill Murray and I can really see that looking back on it. While it is a very funny movie, there are parts of it that were painful to watch. I highly recommend this movie and I strongly advise against reading any spoilers before doing so.

Saturday we slept late, cuddled with each other and Harlie and did some errands. We got a new toaster oven as our old one decided to up and die a small flaming death a couple of weeks ago. We worked on getting some more stuff taken care of around the house and fielded a bunch of calls from family wanting to know when the baby was coming. If I knew the answer to that I'd be a lot more relaxed right now. I will also say I am tired of getting stared at by strangers in stores and restaurants. Yes, I know I am very pregnant and have a very big baby belly. I can assure everyone that no one is more aware of my advanced state of pregnancy than I am.

Today (Sunday) we slept some more and were hassled by Harlie who wanted us to be up already, damnit! I rolled over in bed and seriously tweaked the left side of my neck and back. Not fun. We piddled around the house and finished up organizing stuff in the baby's room and completed other baby things. We got the changing pad secured to the changing table, [ profile] ptor fixed the old rocking chair that will live in the baby's room (we have a new glider in the living room, [ profile] ptor put together the baby swing, we installed the car seat in the car and we hung curtains in the baby room. We had dinner out and discovered at 8:15 that OSH closes at 8:00 on Sundays. Rats. We did a little bit of yard work which included rescuing one of our very large sunflowers from tipping over due to squirrels with the munchies. I did Big Moves stuff early today and late tonight. I am stressed to the gills about Big Moves--mostly it is just my fears that I haven't done enough pre-baby and there will be some huge hole in what needs to be done for the show in October. I don't really think this is the case, but it stresses me all the same. I am practicing the art of letting go. Really.

That was our weekend. I am tired and so is [ profile] ptor so I guess bed soon.
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Just a quick entry to let you all know we are still here and still waiting for Baby Fly to make an appearance. I've been really, really run down as I only sleep a couple hours at a time (late pregnancy pain and stuff) and shortly I am going to take a bath and go to bed. Poor [ profile] ptor got very sick today with some sort of virus which has caused wicked vertigo among other things. The doctor prescribed some anti-dizzy medication and that has helped.

It has been a long day.

The garden in doing well and I am anxiously awaiting the ripening of my tomatoes. I tend to plant late so I have late harvests which works well in this climate as we often have heat well through October.

Rocco visited Harlie through the back door again today. He was also hunkered down watching the birds feed, but every time he moves his bell jingles on his collar and the birds scatter until he leaves. He is a funny cat. Harlie has been super-clingy and cuddly. We love our little fur-baby. Today, however, she was very frustrated that [ profile] ptor wouldn't play with her.

If there is news of Baby Fly that we are unable to post (as in we are in the hospital) [ profile] catzen will post it in [ profile] baby_fly and [ profile] catzen_announce (the latter [ profile] catzen created when I had sinus surgery).

i'm alive

Jul. 29th, 2006 01:07 am
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Just a quick post to say "I'm alive." My temperature has remained normal for a couple of days so that is really good. I am, however, still really wiped out. This was just a nasty virus.

I haven't been up to much at all except trying to recover in time for labor which should happen anytime in the next 3-4 weeks.

Oh, I am happy to announce that my first sunflowers are blooming (yay!) and my tomato plants are setting fruit like mad. These are very good things.
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I'm still sick. I am also really tired of being cooped up in the house as I have been since Friday with the exception of a miserable outing to see the doctor. This afternoon I decided I wanted [ profile] ptor to take me to Rubio's so I could get a quesadilla (fortunately, the flu hasn't affected my stomach too much and with the Zofran I am able to eat). We decided that afterwards we'd take a drive to our P.O. box in Santa Clara to pick up mail there. I figured sitting in the air conditioned car wouldn't be awful and at least I'd be out of the house.

Boy was I wrong.

It was sometime after 2pm when we started out and all I'd eaten was a peach and a few rice crackers, but no worries because food was coming soon. Right? Wrong. We got to Rubio's, a few miles from our house, and the power was out to the entire strip mall. Great. OK, so [ profile] ptor suggested we stop at Una Mas in Sunnyvale on our way to the post office. Ok, that'd work. I started feeling woozy on the way there, including getting the chills and shakes again--also the pelvic pain was worsening (pregnancy related). I was really starting to feel awful. We finally got to Una Mas and the doors were ominously open. Yep, you guessed it. AC was broken. It was well over 100 inside the restuarant (as well as outside). No way, no how. We got a couple of drinks and I used to bathroom and I was ready to have a mini-breakdown. I figured we should finish the trip, get the mail and try the Una Mas back in Fremont on our way home.

So, we proceeded to Santa Clara to the post office. Throughout the car ride I was feeling progressively worse and miserable. I was trying to relax but my pelvis and back were cramping so badly it was really hard to. That and everything hurt, my fever was going up again and I was HUNGRY! We got to the post office and again things of an omninous nature greeted us. The parking lot was empty and the lobby doors were closed. There were signs on the door apologizing "for the inconvenience". They had closed the post office for maintainence.

Holy shit. I seriously wanted to cry at that point. It was like some sort of a cruel joke. [ profile] ptor suggested we get something to eat around there but I really wanted to get close enough to home so that if the things were horked we could just get take-out. So we drove back to Fremont with me earnestly doing Level 1 Lamaze breathing the whole way in an attempt to alleviate some of the back and pelvic pain all the while thinking of the 500 ways I'd curse the universe if I went into labor while I had the flu. We made it to Una Mas and the doors were happily closed. It wasn't as cool as I would have liked inside, but it was at least cooler than outside and was tolerable. We got lunch, I got a big water, I managed to eat a little over half of what we orderd (and keep it down) and we eventually made it home to our much cooler house.

It was an incredibly frustrating outing.

As for me, my temp stayed at 100-101 all day and fortunately just dipped into the 99 range, though I feel it climbing again. This is with tylenol every six hours, blasting AC and cool rags on my head and neck. I am not amused. It hurts to be in bed as there is a lot going on with the baby/pregnancy right now and my hips, back and pelvis are a mess, but I don't know how else to get over this bug except to sleep. I have been drinking more water than I thought possible (and I normally drink a lot) so at least I am hydrated. If I go into a fourth day of fever (Monday) I will be contacting the doc again just to make sure I don't need to worry. Prolonged fevers worry me, especially when I cannot get them down.

So there you have it. A not so funny comedy of errors that was our Sunday.
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Sleep is becomming ever more elusive, though I am spending more and more time in bed trying to get sleep, or at least some rest. Progress on all my tasks has been slooooooooow. ::sigh::

Harlie has become even more clingy and cuddly. It's cute and sweet most of the time. Sometimes, though, I don't want an eleven pound furry object on my belly. She is completely unperturbed by Baby Fly kicking her--I had figured it would startle her. Nope. Apparently my stomach kicking her is as normal as me petting her in her tiny cat brain.

Lots of crappy bad news in the news today. Urgh. The train bombings in India top that list, as does the story of the rape of an eleven year old in Fresno by ten college students. Syd Barrett dying is up there as well in terms of just being sad.

I only got about three and half hours of sleep. I've eaten and gotten rid of some of the nausea that got me up earlier so I think I will head back to bed for a while. I am too tired to do much else. My eczema is driving me bonkers and I cannot use the meds I usually would use to calm it down. I am not happy with the hands of firey pain.

On a random note, it seems we have finally mostly squirrel-proofed our bird feeder. It was quite the feat, but it has really done the trick. A couple more brazen squirrels can get on it, but it seems to be such an ordeal that most are avoiding it. This is good. The scrub jays continue to rumble in our yard on a weekly basis which entertains Harlie greatly. I do prefer the calmer nature of the mourning dove to that of the spastic jays.

Oh, and did I mention the mockingbirds in our neighborhood have a repertoire complete with a variety of car alarm sounds (including the whole set of those that have variable tones) and cell phone rings? It is very funny and a very intriguing listen.

Ok, time to lie down and read and maybe sleep for a little while.

wiped out

Jul. 8th, 2006 03:47 pm
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I am wiped out and diffuse. Yesterday was far too eventuful (you can read all about it on [ profile] baby_fly if you are so inclined. Hopefully there will be no more hospital visits until Baby Fly is on zir way out.

Just piddling around today, not doing much (I am under orders to bascially not do much). We should water the plants in a bit and go out for a while--I am sick of being in the house. We are going to go see Who Killed the Electric Car? later this evening. Not sure if much else will happen today. Maybe some serious paper organization. Yeach. I hate paper. And laundry. Oh, and I really need to work on Baby Fly's afghan.

[ profile] catzen was wide awake here quite early this morning and I saw him and [ profile] klwalton off to the Ferry Farmer's Market. That was just not an adventure I was up for today, though it sounds fun. [ profile] ptor caught up on major sleep which was good. Harlie is busy with all important cat business like grooming, chasing paper balls and watching her birds.

Ok, maybe some lunch and an outing.
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Nothing like a plumbing emergency to put a damper on the day.


Waiting for [ profile] ptor to finish making arrangements with the plumbers and the landlords so I can figure out if I can go back to bed at some point and try to get more than five hours of sleep.

In other news, we got some fabulous nectarines and peaches this week. So, so good. So sweet and juicy. I am really enjoying them.

And, there was a very young squirrel in our yard today. Quite cute. The scrub jays are also having full out rumbles in the yard which is enteratining Harlie to no end.

Long weekend for [ profile] ptor ahead which is great. Finally, a weekend at home and we can get baby stuff done.


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