field trip

Mar. 17th, 2011 06:55 pm
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Exhausted after spending over three hours with the kids at the Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge in Alviso today. It was a class trip for S. and they did a great program for the kids. We picnicked after the program and walked around more with some of his friends. Lots of birds and so, so many California poppies. It was just beautiful out there today. S. bought a spotted owl finger puppet as a souvenir and told us it was a "Western Plant Owl" because he likes all the plants. He had a great time, and L. did OK. I had to keep L. in the stroller a good chunk of the time as we were walking on boardwalks with drop offs to water and it would be nearly impossible to keep him under control and safe while walking on his own. After the trip S. had swim lessons and now we are home, finally. Waiting for [ profile] ptor to get home and I think we are going out to eat tonight.

Long couple of days, long week. I need a break.
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Today we took a somewhat last minute trip to the Contemporary Jewish Museum in the city to see the exhibit Curious George Saves the Day: The Art of Margaret and H.A. Rey. I had been planning to see the exhibit but it hadn't happened and today was the last day of it so off we went. I had talked with S. about before and he kept asking about going to the "George Jewish Museum" which, although it sounded weird, apparently differentiated it for him from the CG exhibit at the Children's Discovery Museum a couple a year or so ago. We fortunate to have an easy drive in despite the rain and the lot under the museum had plenty of parking spaces. Apparently, rainy Sunday afternoons are a good time to drive into San Francisco.

Anyhow, as many of you many know, I am a HUGE Curious George fan. And I am talking old-school, pipe-smoking, ether-sniffing Curious George, not whatever that irritating creature is on that horrid PBS cartoon. I have collected CG stuff for years and S.'s room has been done in a CG theme since before he was born (we've since added truck and owl stuff to it, but he loves his George stuff still). We have all the CG books (originals and new stories with original drawings and stuff done "in the style" of the Reys), as well as some of their lesser-known works. S. has always loved the books, especially "Curious George Gets a Medal" because that is the book where George spills the ink then fills the house up with soap lather and anything where someone makes a big mess is welcome by him.

I was hoping the exhibit wouldn't disappoint and it certainly did not. It was wonderful, fun, touching, and informative. There were so many original drawings, paintings, and sketches of Curious George material as well as the Reys' other works. There was quite a bit detailing their escape via bicycle from Nazi forces in Paris, some of which I already knew from the CDM exhibit and some of which was new to me. It tickled me to no end to some of the dummy books of the Curious George series and to see unused George illustrations. I was particularly amused by the one of George piling boxes atop a rocking chair and climbing up it and the falling off. That is pretty much L. in a nutshell, right there. It was also fascinating to see the Reys' hand drawn wedding announcement and New Year's cards.

S. really enjoyed the whole exhibit, but preferred anything that showed scenes he was already familiar with from the books. He narrated a number of the books as well. It was quite happy-making for all of us. L. got a bit fussy because he couldn't really run around there, but [ profile] ptor pushed him around the museum and he managed.

We poked around the rest of the museum a bit as well, and saw an interesting exhibit documenting one woman who transcribed the Torah under public view at the museum. It is now complete and being proofed, so there was video of her describing the process. Fascinating and so very far from my own experience.

After the museum we stopped for an early dinner at California Pizza Kitchen as that was the closest kid-friendly place we saw and had a good meal. S. enthusiastically announced "I WANT DESSERT!" when our server asked if we wanted it, so we did in fact also have dessert. L. was asleep before we made it back on the Bay Bridge and S. fell asleep by the time we hit the eastern span.

Good day for all of us. One picture to share (now photography allowed in the museum galleries):

Checking out new building kit Checking out new building kit
In plaza in front of Contemporary Jewish Museum, across from Yerba Buena Center, checking out new building kit purchased in the museum store.

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Today we have to go stand in line at the County Clerk's office to get S.'s birth certificate. We hadn't gotten around to getting an official copy yet (we have all his hospital paperwork) and now of course we need one for kindergarten enrollment. We also need to get his immunization card updated at the doctor's office and drop off paperwork at his dentist for them to fill out. I already have the letter from our landlord saying we really do live here and a not from the doctor say he has a physical scheduled (oh, I also need to drop paperwork for his doctor to fill out). In addition to all that hassle, we also have to provide: photo ID, our rental agreement, our car registrations, and a utility bill for establishing residency.

This registration process is pretty epic.

I also need new slippers but my foot is kind of bothering me so I may not be up to shopping.

And that is all for today. Mostly just hanging out at home because I am not supposed to stand or walk for very long at all on my foot.

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Got some stuff done today. We had L.'s one year well check today and he is doing quite well. He got four shots which he was really displeased about, but otherwise he did great. After that I took the kids to IKEA where S. was thrilled just to look at everything and L. was placated by Cheerio's. I got the all-plastic high chair there for L. to replace S.'s old big Graco one which we are just unable to get all the way clean anymore...yick. I also got some soft storage bins for L.'s toys, some storage containers for myself, a cute nightlight for S. for Christmas (I think it is supposed to be a monster, but he thinks it's an owl and he loves owls), lightbulbs, and some picture frames. Good trip.

This evening it was unexpectedly clear and dry so we took the kids to San Jose for dinner at Spaghetti Factory and then a late walk through Christmas in the Park. S. enjoyed the Spaghetti Factory experience (I hadn't been there in probably nearly ten years) as I suspected he would and loved Christmas in the Park as always. I should have just brought something to record his running narrative. L. enjoyed it as well, especially once he was out of the stroller and in the Ergo on [ profile] ptor. Kids were up *way* too late, but they had a great time.

Tomorrow is more errands. Thursday night we will probably do Zoo Lights at the Oakland Zoo.

In other news, still waiting on the MRI results on my foot (possible stress fracture). ::sigh::

Also, I had enough in Amazon gift cards and birthday money to order the telephoto lens I wanted. Not the most snazzy one in the world, but a decent one for what I was willing to spend. So excited. It will be here on Wednesday. And speaking of lenses, I just cannot quit the Sigma 50mm macro. I love that lens. Seriously.

Ok, to bed with me.

slow day

Jul. 25th, 2010 02:23 pm
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Having a slow day here around the house. Soon we will head out to do some shopping and maybe some more yardwork or housework, but that will be all. Yesterday we had our typical busy Saturday with rehearsal then lunch with [ profile] catzen. We also hit Pendragon's and got some new books--an amigurimi book that S. desperately wanted (I am sure I have more "yarn monster" making in my future), a Cajun cookbook for my brother-in-law and sister (he is Cajun), and food book for me ("The United States of Arugula"). We got a gelato treat Market Hall after failing to find tarragon vinegar there--should have stopped at Berkeley Bowl before we left West Berkeley yesterday...ah well.

We had a busy week last week. School three mornings, school board meeting for me one night, trip to the zoo, trip to the farm and produce stand, got the car washed, got the oil changed in the car, and went to the library to return our temporarily misplaced books (and pay the fine) and get even more books about vehicles, construction machines, and a couple about spider and caterpillars thrown in as well.

Not too much else. L. started solid foods this week and is *loving&* it. So far he's had rice cereal, plums, and avocado. Good stuff.
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Today was somewhat mellow. Well, as mellow as it can be with the two kids. L. is teething and was up and down all last night so we were really tired today. We managed to get S. to school more or less on time and came home and L. nursed and napped and I paid bills and cleaned out the car. When we showed up at school to retrieve S. we found him covered in flour from head to toe, a result of a sensory project that he apparently enjoyed quite a bit---on Friday the project had been shaving cream and he had apparently been so into it that the teacher had to take his shoes off to clean his feet and shoes. After school we went and got the car washed then home for lunch and L. thankfully took a really long nap. Even better he did so in his crib, unswaddled (he had just transitioned to his crib and to sleeping unswaddled). S. helped me, well sort of helped me, clean off the kitchen table, AKA his craft room, so we could put down a plastic table cloth--I am tired of trying to get Tacky Glue and paint off the table. Now he can craft all he wants without me worrying about damage to the table.

Close to five this evening I did something I had never done before--I took S. out on his bike with L. in the stroller. I planned the outing so there was only one street crossing and I did that with no cars present and I think we managed it safely (it's hard to walk a bike, push a stroller, and hang onto a child all at the same time). We walk and rode down to the little park near our house and checked out the new play structure that was recently installed. S. had fun playing on it and L. loved watching him slide down the slides. S. rode the path all around the park then we headed home and I started dinner which I finished after [ profile] ptor got home and took the kids outside to play.

Then dinner, baths, and bed. Just winding down here. Contemplating a trip to the zoo tomorrow, maybe the farm on Thursday.

Must rest now.
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We're just trudging along here. Finally seem to be over the multiple bouts of illness. Still adjusting to [ profile] ptor being gone ~eleven hours a day but it is getting better.

Rehearsing like crazy for the new show. Get your tickets! My body hates me for tapping so much after not tapping pretty much at all for about seven years, but I am so psyched that we are tapping in the show!

Spent yesterday at my parents for my dad's birthday and belated father's day celebration. It was good. S. swam a bunch and L. went in a pool for the very first time and enjoyed it quite a bit. We are exhausted now, though. S. started summer school today and we are all happy to be back on our school schedule.

I took the kids to the county fair last week and they both had a great time. S. really loved the elaborate model train exhibit, the garden exhibits, the pinewood derby cars, and riding the pedal tractors. L. just loved looking around. We may try to get to the children's museum this week.

In other news, S. has turned our kitchen into a "play-doh decorations" factory and I fear we will need a Hoarder's intervention to dig us out from under all the play-doh crafts. L. is almost crawling and is really, really busy these days.

Our house is a disaster as things got out of control with all the sickness and extra rehearsing. Hoping to make some headway in that department today.

And with that I am off to sweep and mop the kitchen before I have to get S. from school.

looong day

Apr. 18th, 2010 12:58 am
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We left the house at 11:30am today and didn't not return until close to 10pm. Yikes. I went to rehearsal and taught for the first time since before L. was born. So, so good to be back. After rehearsal we went to the newish Berkeley Bowl in west Berkeley to get some food for a party we were attending later and so I could acquire my millet and whole wheat pastry flour. Got some other goodies from the bulk bin and S.'s Golden Delicious apples (a new favorite of his)--would have liked to have shopped more but we were short on time and it was too overwhelming. After shopping hit party #1 and had fun. [ profile] mactavish took S. outside to meet their chickens and he was thrilled to feed them and give them new hay. After hanging out for a while we went to party #2 where the only people I knew were [ profile] ptor, S., and L. The people at the party were plenty nice, but I just didn't feel like I was in my element--these were not my rad fatties. After party #2 we headed home and it was already too late for the kiddos. Got L. to sleep nearly right away, but S. had mostly refused to eat all day so he wanted dinner then we had to do all the bedtime stuff and he got to bed way too late. I just checked on him and he fell asleep with the book he was reading on his face. Tired guy.

A good day, if tiring. School maintenance party tomorrow and don't know what else.


Mar. 24th, 2010 01:13 am
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I'm sick with something that makes my throat, nose, and eyes feel like they've been scoured by sandpaper.


Not much else. Just days full of nursing, diapering, and entertaining the children.

Still need to sort out the hospital billing for L.'s birth, make an eye doctor appointment, and call about gymnastics classes for S. I also still have delusions of turning my grapefruit peels into candied peels---I got Jaques Torres' "Dessert Circus" from a Friends of the Library sale a few weeks ago and I am feeling marginally inspired. I also need to decide if I am am going to try to join the board of the preschool. Decisions, decisions.

Now, it's time for bed.
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It has been warm and sunny here all week. That combined with more evening light has helped my mood improve greatly. I just spent about three and a half hours in the front yard with the kids under the shade tree and it felt great. Warm but not hot, breezy but not windy. Just lovely. The crows seemed to be enjoying it as well.
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I got brave and took both children to the farm myself. Sounds small, but it was kind of a big deal. Getting out the door was a challenge, but the actual farm excursion was pretty easy as there were only a few other people there and it is far from traffic so keeping up with S. was easy. It was very nice out there. Nice and quiet, if cold and damp. L. spent most the trip asleep in the wrap on me. It was good to walk around and just hang out outside.

So, there, that is what I have accomplished this week.
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Still here, still pregnant. Two weeks to go. Mostly we are really busy getting the house ready for another child and doing things like sorting baby clothes/baby items, rearranging furniture, re-purposing furniture, cleaning out closets, etc. We are trying to give S. as much time and attention and possible right now and are doing holiday things like Christmas in the Park and Zoo Lights early this year. We just bought a small artificial tree that we are going to decorate with him later.

Not much else. [ profile] ptor is still unemployed and we, like millions of others, lost our COBRA subsidy this month so our payment went from ~$500 a month to ~$1,500 a month. That hurts. We are stressed. Of course on top of the premium we have to still pay deductibles and co-pays, so our medical expenses are through the roof.

I have hit the very-end-of-pregnancy wall o' exhaustion and it is difficult to get motivated to do anything, but I am getting things done. The to-do list is shrinking and I finished the baby's hat and blanket and am nearly done with my nephew's. I also got Christmas shopping done for my nephew and we've got most of S.'s done.

So, that is that.
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We had S.'s preschool Halloween in-class party today and that was fun. He didn't want to wear a costume, but he was happy to wear the pumpkin hat I made him along with an orange shirt with pumpkins on it. He was really rather cute. The kids who wore costumes with masks seemed to scare him a bit. :-( Wednesday night we had pumpkin carving night at school and he helped make a nice jack-o-lantern. We have two more pumpkins to carve tonight or tomorrow.

It is warm here today, as it often is in the Bay Area on Halloween. Despite that I am pretending we are having fall weather and I have a quadruple batch of Pepper Potato Fennel Soup in the crockpot and will be making a chard strudel to accompany it tonight.

We are going to try to do something relatively low-key yet Halloween-y tomorrow. If nothing else we can all sit on the porch and hand out candy.

Not much else. Too much baby prep to do, but first I need a nap after too many days of not nearly enough sleep.

busy day

Oct. 16th, 2009 03:05 pm
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Finishing Chocolate Tasting prep. today. Ran to Joann's while S. was at school to get a purple ribbon to lace the back of my black velvet corset-like skirt I am wearing as part of a costume for one of our pieces tomorrow night. Still need to wrangle all my costume parts and get them organized, as well as my makeup. Joann's had Halloween decorations half off so I picked up a couple more things for S. to put up around the house. He loves decorations and decorating. Our house is quite Halloweeny at the moment.

We made a new kind of refrigerator pickle today using this recipe. They are cooling now. Can't wait to try them.

I almost finished S.'s pumpkin hat today as well. He does not want to wear a Halloween costume but has agreed to wear a pumpkin hat. So a pumpkin hat I made. I hope to finish it later tonight.

The friends of the library sale is later this evening. Yay. Always fun.

Now I will nap while S. is napping. I have a bit of a cold (as does most the preschool) and it is wearing me down.
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[ profile] ptor is on his way home from yet another job interview. Here's hoping for the best.

S. had a bit of a cold earlier in the week (he has it the "snufflies") and now I have a sore throat and sinus stuff. Bleah. I took a nap and don't really feel any better. He's still asleep (three hours already). He was a tired guy.

The chocolate tasting is on Saturday. You really should check it out if you can. Halloween themed goodness! Come in costume for a discount at the door (discounted tickets can also be purchased online, but you really should still come in costume). I am dragging my 31-week pregnant self up on stage to perform...all you have to do is show up, eat chocolate, and watch the show.

Got our cable wiring fixed today after losing a whole bunch of channels. Not having access to Bravo (and hence, Top Chef) was the final straw and I called Comcast last night.

Not too much else...just busy and a bit stressed.

Onward and upward.


Sep. 28th, 2009 08:44 am
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S. has a fever of 101 and a runny nose. We think he also has a sore throat. No school and probably no school all week given the school's current flu policy. He is doing OK otherwise. Hopefully he and the rest of us don't get super-sick.

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We had a show last night and have one tonight so I am taking it easy today. The show went well and I am looking forward to tonight. We are in a choreographers' showcase at Dance Mission and we have been in it before, but this time is really quite different for me because I am the choreographer showing work which feels a bit weird. Actually, it is the first time that any Big Moves company has been in a show like this with work from an internal choreographer (as opposed to someone we hired from the outside). It is a big step. I am happy with the piece even though I know we can tweak it a bit more. The Fly Girls have really stepped up to the challenge of doing a piece that is not only fast and rather technical, but also that involves contact work and lifts. Everyone has worked really hard to make it look good. We also have awesome costumes, thanks to Matilda. We definitely win "Best Costume" for the show, if nothing else. :-) I am also somewhat proud of myself that I ventured into the contact work as a choreographer and developed it the way I did. I also feel I achieved something by using music that was more challenging to work with than I normally use. I used two pieces by Morphine and if you are familiar with Morphine you know what I am talking about (maybe). I love Morphine and had wanted to choreograph something to their music for a long time, but I did find it very challenging. Basically the contrast between fairly fast timing in their instrumentation versus the very laid-back, somewhat slow, and dreamy sounding vocals combined with syncopation and drastic mood changes within a song made it more difficult than the average choreography task. But, I did it and am pleased with the results.

I am off to clean some more and rest and eat and then get ready for tonight's show!
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Too tired to coherently write about the weekend, but here is an outline:
  • Baked like a fiend Friday and Saturday night. Learned nine dozen vegan cookies may have been overkill for the bake sale, but hopefully someone is enjoying them at the shelter/soup kitchen now
  • Breakfast with BBC crew Saturday morning followed by them taping our rehearsal. We are going to part of a news piece about size-acceptance and the producer has been given eight minutes which is HUGE for a news show. The producer is quite excited the show will be on directly following "East Enders." Our butts and tail feathers will probably be in the opening segment of the piece.
  • Party after rehearsal which was nice but a challenge with an under-napped S.
  • Much scrambling last night to get a few things together for the sale today.
  • Realized at 1am my keys were missing. Mild panic and hard to sleep after that. Was reunited with said keys this afternoon, thanks to the hero of the revolution, [ profile] tenacious_snail. Panic has subsided
  • Up early this morning to haul clothes to the sale after a trip to Kinko's. Was impressed that our little Scion could fit as much in it as a mid-size SUV (and I still had full line-of-sight out of all windows).
  • Got to sale (Cupcakes and Muffintops) a little after 10am and helped unpack and fold clothes as well as with signs and other details. Worked the check-out station for four hours with a couple breaks to do a bit of shopping.
  • Got some good new shirts that will work as maternity tops for the rest of the summer and an awesome pair of leopard-print peep-toe heels. So excited about those.
  • Helped clean up the venue post-sale in some serious heat. Crapped out by 5:30 and drove home.
  • Completely crapped out on making dinner tonight and ordered a pizza.

OK, bed now. But can I just say how wonderful it was to spend the whole day with a roomful of incredibly rad fatties? Seriously, it was great. They are my people in a very deep way. I realized I have known some of those folks for eight years now. I love them.

Oh, and I am the proud possessor of a Cupcakes and Muffintops commemorative volunteers-only button which says "If you got it, frost it" with a picture of a cupcake. Lovin' it!
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This weekend has been really long. Yesterday morning we had to be up and out of the house by 8:45am because we had to clean S.'s school with a couple of other families. We worked hard for two hours there then headed to Berkeley for my rehearsal.

I had a good rehearsal and pretty much finished up the choreography for the contact piece that is leading into our new lyrical/jazz piece. I am excited about it. I still need to do some major tuning, but the pieces are all there. It was a big step for me as I created on the dancers there in the studio rather than creating something and coming in and teaching it. I had ideas of what I wanted, and things I wanted to try, but working like this was new for me (as a choreographer, not as a dancer) but very necessarily for the creation of the piece. I had been afraid I would not be able to brainstorm/work our what I needed with six pairs of eyes on me, but I think we've gotten to the point that I can do that, at least with this kind of piece. I am also so, so grateful to be working with dancers who are willing to take risks and go outside their comfort zones and try my crazy ideas. Yay. After rehearsal we had our usual lunch with [ profile] catzen and then came home and napped.

Today we got up and were out of the house by 8:30am so we could head over to Roaring Camp in Felton for Day Out With Thomas, a big Thomas the Tank Engine Event. S. enjoyed though, though I think he was a touch overwhelmed and a bit perplexed at the life-sized Thomas at the front of our train. He did enjoy the train ride though, and was happy to take a picture with Thomas especially once I told him we could print one and hang it in his room. He liked the activities set up, particularly the toy trains on tracks. He was fascinated by the battery-powered ones and when we visited them a second time he said, very seriously, "Welcome back to the little trains! Welcome back to the little trains!" We spent about three hours at the event then headed into downtown Santa Cruz for some serious burritos at Taqueira Vallarta. They have a new location right on Pacific and it was less scruffy than the old on on Soquel. The burritos were as fabulous a ever. S. enjoyed his bean and cheese quesadilla and side of rice and was quite happy to go to a new taqueira. It has been a long time since either [ profile] ptor or I had been to downtown Santa Cruz and it is hardly recognizable. It looks like a junior version of University Ave. in Palo Alto now, and I don't necessarily mean that as a compliment. Super-gentrified, completed with an upscale, over-priced baby store and things like "bistros." It is a far cry from the tent city I remember of the early nineties. Some stuff is the same. The Catalyst is still there as is Logos, Santa Cruz Roasting Company, and Bookshop Santa Cruz, but now there a Border's two blocks down from Bookshop, so yeah. Some of the stuff looks like improvements and some just looks over-priced and a little soulless.

Anyhow, after lunch we drove all the way out West Cliff and took a short trip to Natural Bridges. It was super-windy which was a bit challenging, but it was a gorgeous day and S. was so excited to see the ocean. He sees the San Francisco Bay up this way at Coyote Hills and in Berkeley a lot, but that is different and much calmer. The waves were pretty rowdy today (in fact there were rip current flags posted) and every time he saw a big wave he's say "Whoa! Waves!" He kept wanting to go in the water and we had to explain that he could touch it with his holding him but it was a.) very, very cold and b.) it was not safe. He hiked along the beach and climbed up on the rocks to try to peek at the tide pools. We couldn't get over the far pools as the rock connection has worn away so much that there was no way we could safely get S. over it not to mention pregnant me. We still were able to see some anemones and sea snails and we had fund watching the sea gulls and pelicans. It was a nice excursion but I think we all feel like we still have sand in our eyes, ears, and noses.

All in all a very busy weekend but lots of fun.
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It's hot here today, lower to mid 90's. We went to the farmer's market then headed to OSH to pick up a new filter for our air-intake vent. As we were walking in a man stopped us and said "You have kids. Is it too hot to leave a kid in the car." Um, yeah. He said he was going to call the police as he had noticed a small child inside the car next to his, asleep in her car seat with no parent in sight. I looked in the car and saw the child asleep and noticed her hair was very wet with sweat. The car was parked in full sun with only one window cracked a couple of inches. Now, just standing outside in the sun it was that car it was probably at minimum 120 degrees and the child was in a plush safety seat which get really warm. [ profile] ptor and I went inside and asked the store manager to page the owner of the car. I heard them page the owner. No one responded. I went back outside and there was a store employee waiting with the man who had spotted the girl. He said the police were on their way. We tried all the car doors but they were locked. By this time the girl had woken up and was crying hysterically. I went back in the store and heard the manager page the car's owner two more times. Again, no one responded. I then went back outside and waited by the car. I knew if the child was crying she was breathing and we live in a small enough city that the police are pretty quick to respond. I knew if she stopped crying/passed out we'd have to break the car windows, police or no police. The man and store employee tried to reach their arms in the cracked window but there was no way to get the door. The police arrived shortly, about twenty minutes after the girl was first spotted in the hot car alone (note that we have no idea how long she was sitting in that car before being spotted). They tried to get in to no avail then they broke the driver's side window, got the doors unlocked, and rescued the girl. She was, at this point, drenched in sweat and was wearing a sweatshirt. The officers immediately got the sweatshirt off and got her some water and moved into the store. At this point I decided to try to find [ profile] ptor (he took S. into the store while this was happening). I walked the length of the store a couple of times and called him. I then noticed a woman holding the child who didn't seem to be the parent. I later figured out this was probably a social worker. I was poking around the store waiting for [ profile] ptor to call me and let me know where he was and I saw a man running towards the police and the child. The father had, apparently, finally noticed his daughter was shrieking her head off surrounded by police in the store. I heard the police questioning him and his response to "Why did you leave her in the car?" was "She was sleeping." Yes, really. I really, really wanted to claw his eyeballs our, or at least scream at him, but I didn't. I let the police deal with it. I went back outside and heard, then saw the firetruck. An ambulance showed up a couple minutes later. I then noticed two police cars and [ profile] ptor said the second was Community Services which is probably when the social worker/CPS showed up. I hung around to give a statement to the police regarding the basics that I saw and basic timeline of events. I confirmed for them that the owner of the car was paged three times in the store. The man who called the police was able to confirm that the girl was in the car alone for at least twenty minutes.

The girl in question was probably about a year to eighteen months old...young. She was probably going to be taken to the local hospital and I hope she will be OK. She was clearly distressed and in pain. I am so grateful that the man who noticed her did and thought to call the police/approach us about it. If he had not noticed her it is very likely she would be dead or even sicker. The father appeared to have no clue that he had done anything wrong which just appalls me. I cannot imagine leaving my child alone in a car in a store parking lot while I shopped, let alone when it was at all hot outside. Truly, some people should not be parents.


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