Dec. 14th, 2009 01:20 pm
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I finally finished the little Cthulu doll I started for S. eons ago. I find amigurumi super-challenging due to the small hook size required--it is hell on my hands--and that it is done in continuous rounds, which requires more active attention. Not to mention I really suck at the fiddly work of cutting out tiny circles of felt for eyeballs and such. But I finished Cthulu and it is ready to give to S. for Christmas. Mind you, I finished five other projects since I started the doll, but no matter, it is DONE!.

Cthulu doll for Baby Fly

And here are a couple of things I made for the new baby )


May. 18th, 2008 06:24 pm
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There was a baby shower Friday for the six(!) moms we know from Baby 'n' Me who are pregnant again. There was a basic gift exchange (they pulled numbers and chose gifts) so I made a couple of hats. I was happy with them, except the rainbow one is seamed in the back which wouldn't be such an issue except I used variegated yarn which made the seam much more noticeable than I would have liked. Overall I was pleased with my results considering I didn't start work on them until last Sunday night and had them finished by Thursday.

Noodle Hat

Stretchy Crochet Hat

One with the flash...

Stretchy Crochet Hat
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Still sick. Bleah. Despite that, I got to the baby store with S. today and bought him a potty chair. Not expecting him to be really trained anytime all that soon, but he is showing many signs of readiness to start working on it, so a baby potty we bought. S. fell asleep in the car afterwards so I parked at the park and started working on the crocheted goldfish I am making for him. I had a hell of a time getting started as I didn't understand how the very beginning of the pattern was supposed to work, but I finally figured it out and it worked and I am just about done with the body--I need to fill it before I can finish it. I've never made a stuffed toy before and it is fun. A nice break from the the hats. Managed to make quinoa stew for dinner and it was good even if I was missing the zucchini and coriander it calls for. I just used extra carrots and chili powder. I knew I had run out of some spice or another when we were shopping on Saturday, but I couldn't remember which one. Apparently it was coriander. Ah well...

So, not too much achieved today, but a few small things. I'd really like to feel better and I'd love for S.'s poor nose to stop running. More work to do tonight and cleaning and laundry. Shower and bath for me and S. now.


Mar. 31st, 2006 05:54 pm
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Finally took some pictures of [ profile] ptor's Christmas scarf. I need to get pics of the ones I made my mom and dad. Also, the afghan I am making Baby Fly is one-third complete. Yay!

Baby Afghan--it will be rainbow colored so the green gets added next.
Baby Fly Afghan 1/3 complete

[ profile] ptor's scarf
Peter's Christmas Scarf

Scarf stitch detail
Detail on Peter's scarf
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Here's a pic of the Gilly towel I made for [ profile] loracs. I made Gilly's nose too short and snouty, but such is the beauty of of hand crafts :)

embroidered Gilly towel for Carol

Here's the pic I made it from:


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