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Powerful. If I had to describe The Next Big Thing in one word it would be that. Powerful. This is an unapologetic promo for the show. I am asking you to come, to watch, to experience, to witness this amazing show.

I want to start with the dance. The dance and music themselves are amazing, strong, beautiful, fun, powerful, moving, interesting, sometimes silly, and engaging from both emFATic DANCE and all our guests. emFATic DANCE has thirteen dancers and all thirteen of us are featured in five of our pieces, and the other has twelve of us. We, quite literally, fill the stage. Whether we are in high character in a musical theater piece, gracefully turning and jumping about the stage in a lyrical piece, or head-snappin' and shoulder-rollin' our way through a jazz piece you will be entertained.

But it goes beyond that. Beyond, even, seeing a show full of fat people onstage, which is undeniably powerful and revolutionary. While a few of our pieces don't address themes related to fatness, a few of our pieces got more personal and political this year. They are a bit more raw, more emotional, more confrontational. They are challenging. We are sharing with you, the audience, more of the challenges of being a fat person in our society, a fat performer. These themes wrapped up in some fan-freakin'-tastic dance packs a powerful punch.

It is not just us. Raks Africa and Magnoliah Black are bringing some seriously personal and political performance to our stage this year that is going to touch you deeply and make you really think, all while watching them dance beautifully. I want to be clear, ALL the guests are amazing, and whether directly addressing personal/political themes or not, the very fact that they are up on stage doing their thing and being willing to share it with you all is, well, powerful.

Also, the show is just FUN!!! Seriously, so much fun! What a way to spend a couple of hours. You get to be entertained and have fun *while* supporting fat performers.

Our dancers, our guests, our team, have worked so hard to bring you the best possible show this year. This truly is, The Next Big Thing. Don't miss out.

Show Details:
The Next Big Thing
Saturday June 14th, 2014 at 8:00pm (doors at 7:30pm; and
Sunday June 15th, 2014 at 2:00pm (doors at 1:30pm)
Laney College Theater
900 Fallon St., Oakland, CA
Across the street from the Lake Merritt BART station

Tickets $13/advance; $18/door
Get tickets here:
Kids 3 and under and free, 10-17 are $10 at the door***

We stand

Feb. 6th, 2012 09:13 pm
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Big Moves/Phat Fly Girls contribution.

View them all here: I Stand Against Weight Bullying
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[ profile] tenacious_snail asked: What part of choreography brings you the most joy?

Great question, and interesting because I immediately knew the answer.

The part of choreography that brings me the most joy is that moment in rehearsal when a dance, or any part of a dance, comes together to a point where, for lack of a better term, my vision is realized. It is the moment when I first see that what I thought was possible is in fact possible and what I thought would look good is actually going to look great.

That really is a wonderful, joyous moment.

It can happen years after I first create a piece too. We are currently reviving a piece that I choreographed in 2007 and we haven't performed since 2008. It had previously been performed with only four dancers. We now have twelve dancers and the dance finally looks how I envisioned it. The opening is now what I had wanted it to be nearly five years ago. It is truly exciting.

In short, the most joyous part of the process for me is that moment when what was in my head is realized on the bodies of the dancers. Choreography is tricky that way in that it *is* all in your head until you can get people to do it and do it how you imagined. And it is not just the basic movement you need to see, it is the formations, and the emotional element of the dance. You can do the movement yourself, but it is not going to look or feel the same with one person as it is with a group of people. For me, this most joyous part happens in fits and spurts during the rehearsal and teaching process. I am not necessarily talking about seeing the whole dance in a production, because that is awesome in its own right. I am talking about smaller moments of catching a glimpse here and there of what the dance will ultimately be and knowing that my artistic vision can and will be realized.

Thanks for a great question!

More answers later, and in the meantime, ask me anything from here or anything else that comes to mind.
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For those local (and local-ish) to the greater San Francisco Bay Area:

Clean out your closets for two great causes!

We're getting ready for Cupcakes and Muffintops v2.0, a fat-friendly, gender-inclusive clothing and bake sale where only the prices are small!

Big Moves Bay Area and friends of NOLOSE had great feedback on our Cupcakes and Muffintops fundraiser last year. It's like the fatty Holy Grail: sustainable and affordable fat shopping in a body-loving environment. With cupcakes.

We're doing it all again on Sunday August 29th in Oakland, and we need your help. We're currently soliciting donations of new and gently used clothing sizes large and up, up, up! Clothing for folks of all genders, shoes and accessories happily accepted. We'll even come and pick them up! Donations are tax-deductible- just let us know if you'd like a receipt and we can get you one.

Send an email to,, or to schedule a pickup.

And be sure to come on out to the sale and shop, shop, shop!
Cupcakes and Muffintops v2.0
Sunday August 29th, 2010
Humanist Hall
390 27th St. (accessible entrance on 28th St.)
Oakland, CA

If you're interested in volunteering or making something for the bake sale, let us know at the aforementioned email addresses.

Hope to see you or your clothes there!
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So... Think YOU Can Dance?

Big Moves Bay Area invites dancers and dancers-to-be of all ages, shapes, sizes and experience levels to a FREE DAY OF DANCE. Experienced, size-positive instructors will offer classes in jazz, Bollywood, and burlesque. You'll also be treated to a short performance by the Phat Fly Girls, Big Moves' dance troupe for the curvaceous and confident.

Big Moves Bay Area’s Day of Dance
Sunday April 25, 2010 * 2-6pm
The Beat Dance Studio
2560 9th St. (between Parker and Dwight", Berkeley, CA

Oh yeah... did we mention it's FREE?

Come for the full day, or drop in for one class, just be sure to arrive 15 minutes before any class to register.

For more information, email Visit us on the web at

2:00 - 2:45 Warmup and Jazz Fundamentals
2:45 - 3:45 Bollywood
3:45 - 4:00 Break
4:00 - 5:00 Burlesque
5:00 - 5:45 Jazz
5:45 - 6:00 Phat Fly Girl performance
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I am currently working on two workshop proposals for NOLOSE and it is exciting. For one I am working on putting together a panel to discuss and lead a workshop about how fat panic is affecting our children and ways in which we can advocate for children amongst all the panic while effectively managing our own internalized fat shame. I am hoping for it to really be a place where we can come up with some decent strategies for dealing with fat panic directed at our children. I have lined up some very cool people to be a part of this panel already--yay! I am also submitting a proposal for a fat-friendly stretching and strengthening workshop. That is something I have a pretty good handle on already, but I will be working it out more with the Fly Girls should it get accepted. Also, the Fly Girls are submitting proposals to both perform and teach at the conference.

I am really getting excited about NOLOSE. So much rad-fatty awesomeness in one place is pretty damned incredible.

Back to work!
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Love the one you're with! Or so the old song goes. Instead of sad resolutions to change your body this year, how about learning to love, move, and shucks, WORK the one you've got?

Big Moves Bay Area is thrilled to partner with Rubenesque Burlesque founder and director Juicy D. Light to bring you a Burlesque for Big Beginners workshop. You'll learn burlesque basics and come away with a new appreciation of your own beauty.
    What: Burlesque for Big Beginners
    When: Saturday, February 6th, 2010
    Where: The Beat Studio, 2560 9th Street (between Parker and Dwight), Berkeley, CA
    Time: 12:00-1:30 pm
    Fee: $15
    Please wear clothes you feel comfortable dancing in, and burlesque-y props if you have them: hats, long gloves, boas, etc. We'll have a few extras, too. Comfortable high heels are fine for this class.

    About our fabulous guest instructor:
    Always a crowd favorite, Juicy D. Light has a B.A in Theatre Arts. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of Rubenesque Burlesque featuring The Bodacious Bawdies, an ethnically diverse large size troupe with a focus on utilizing dance to range from joyful expression to activist acts. Juicy danced with Heather MacAllister aka Reva Lucian in her groundbreaking troupe Big Burlesque; without her Juicy D. Light would not exist. Juicy's troupe is a mainstay with The Hubba Hubba review and has danced in San Francisco, Portland, and New York City.
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Still here, still pregnant. Due date is Thursday. In case anyone was wondering what I currently look like here is a pic of me taken backstage at Flabulous! ~three weeks ago
I was 36.5 weeks pregnant in the picture and getting ready to dance. Photo is by Amelia Mae Paradise and her whole set (some nudity and some may not be safe for work) is here.
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Big Moves Bay Area is in the middle of a busy season and we have classes, events, and lots of Fly Girl performances for you to enjoy. If you can only go to one of these events please come to the Chocolate Tasting and buy your tickets in advance! If you haven't seen the Fly Girls in a while, this would be a good chance to see all the seriously cool things we are doing. Plus you'll get to see me dancing at 31 weeks pregnant. Oh yeah!

Taste For Dance 2009

Click here for full Chocolate Tasting information as well as for information about classes and other Fly Girl performances. Plus, a bonus pic of the Fly Girls )
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There is a lot on my mind that I haven't had the time nor energy to fully articulate here. My life really isn't all about food and cooking, after all, but sometimes that is the easiest stuff to post. In short, some things that are churning in my brain that should become full posts soon are:

--The tragedy that is the Jaycee Lee Dugard case and how I feel this is a true example of how unimportant women and crimes against women are taken by the majority of the criminal justice system. By this I mean, Phillip Garrido was supposed to be serving one fifty year sentence for kidnapping a women and another life sentence for raping her (while he held her hostage in a storage shed) and he was paroled in ten years. Ten years. During his parole he was ostensibly regularly checked up on by parole officers who failed to ever search his property. Even after a neighbor reported seeing young girls living in tents in his backyard. You can bet that if he was a paroled drug dealer his house would have been torn apart on a regular basis, but since his crime was rape (against a woman in this case) no one bothered. It disgusts me. The laziness of the Contra Costa detective who claims he didn't know Garrido was a registered sex offender even though this was PUBLICLY available knowledge at the time who investigated the neighbor's claim appalls me. I bet he would have been all up Garrido's business if the woman had reported marijuana plants in his yard instead of children in tents. Fuck.

--Whatever fucked up shit it is that leads certain men to kill the women and children in their lives. If you want to take yourself out, be my guest. But don't kill your wife/girlfriend/partner and children in the process. (Yes, women have done this, but it is far rarer than men doing it). It is like the ultimate assertion of privilege and power. It makes me ill.

--The new NYC "Don't drink yourself fat" anti-soda campaign. There are a million reasons not to down 32 ounces of Mountain Dew a day other than the fear of becoming fat. Playing on fat-phobia and highlighting fat as the reason not to drink sugared soft drinks is problematic in so many ways. More on this later.

--The NY Times article outlining some of what went down at a New Orleans hospital during hurricane Katrina. The doctors' decision to not evacuate people with DNRs was criminal and unethical and euthanizing many of them was all that to the nth degree. A DNR DOES NOT mean "I have an advanced terminal illness and am ready to die whenever" it only means "If my heart stops/I stop breathing do not attempt to resuscitate me." Many people live for years with DNRs filed. Not to mention the racist comments by one of the doctor's in the article (he referred to "crazy black people") and the underlying racism, classism, fat-phobia, and ableism that informed the doctors' decisions. A fat, black, non-terminally ill man was the last patient to be evacuated and was nearly left behind. Another fat, black, non-terminally ill, disabled man, (without a DNR) was given lethal doses of morphine and other drugs so that he would be die rather than have to be evacuated. The fact that the doctor accused of performing the majority of the injections, and of determining who was going to live and who was going to die, now is working to get laws enacted that would protect doctors from civil suits stemming from their actions during emergencies makes me kind of ill. The situation in that hospital was a nightmare due to a total lack of emergency preparedness, but the doctors' poor decisions only made it worse.

--We are in full fire season here in California and have a good two months to go. It is getting bad our there. Scary stuff.

--On a completely unrelated note, I am in my first choreographers' showcase as a choreographer in a couple of weeks. The Fly Girls are performing a new piece and it is exciting, but it is also a bit nerve-wracking. I am dancing in the piece as well, and I have been in showcases like this a dancer before, just never as the choreographer. I am looking forward to it, but I am feeling kind of small in relation to some of the other people showing work. Still, it is a good thing.

And with that I am off to take care of some of those tomatoes.
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Too tired to coherently write about the weekend, but here is an outline:
  • Baked like a fiend Friday and Saturday night. Learned nine dozen vegan cookies may have been overkill for the bake sale, but hopefully someone is enjoying them at the shelter/soup kitchen now
  • Breakfast with BBC crew Saturday morning followed by them taping our rehearsal. We are going to part of a news piece about size-acceptance and the producer has been given eight minutes which is HUGE for a news show. The producer is quite excited the show will be on directly following "East Enders." Our butts and tail feathers will probably be in the opening segment of the piece.
  • Party after rehearsal which was nice but a challenge with an under-napped S.
  • Much scrambling last night to get a few things together for the sale today.
  • Realized at 1am my keys were missing. Mild panic and hard to sleep after that. Was reunited with said keys this afternoon, thanks to the hero of the revolution, [ profile] tenacious_snail. Panic has subsided
  • Up early this morning to haul clothes to the sale after a trip to Kinko's. Was impressed that our little Scion could fit as much in it as a mid-size SUV (and I still had full line-of-sight out of all windows).
  • Got to sale (Cupcakes and Muffintops) a little after 10am and helped unpack and fold clothes as well as with signs and other details. Worked the check-out station for four hours with a couple breaks to do a bit of shopping.
  • Got some good new shirts that will work as maternity tops for the rest of the summer and an awesome pair of leopard-print peep-toe heels. So excited about those.
  • Helped clean up the venue post-sale in some serious heat. Crapped out by 5:30 and drove home.
  • Completely crapped out on making dinner tonight and ordered a pizza.

OK, bed now. But can I just say how wonderful it was to spend the whole day with a roomful of incredibly rad fatties? Seriously, it was great. They are my people in a very deep way. I realized I have known some of those folks for eight years now. I love them.

Oh, and I am the proud possessor of a Cupcakes and Muffintops commemorative volunteers-only button which says "If you got it, frost it" with a picture of a cupcake. Lovin' it!
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Big Moves Bay Area and friends of NOLOSE present:

Cupcakes and Muffintops
A size-positive, gender inclusive Fat Clothing Flea and Bake Sale where only the prices are small!
Sunday, August 9th, 2009 12-4 PM
Humanist Hall
390 27th St. Oakland, CA

Gently uses clothes sizes L and up, up, up! Butch, femme, men's, women's... and tasty treats, too!
Clothes $2-$7/per item. $5 door fee (applicable toward any clothing purchase). Cash only please!
All proceeds to benefit Big Moves Bay Area and NOLOSE

We have tons of awesome clothes so please come on out and shop on Sunday!
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Just a quick reminder that if you planned to donate clothing to the Big Moves/NOLOSE clothing sale and have not already please contact or as soon as humanly possible to make pick-up/drop-off arrangements. We are taking clothes in sizes L/XL and up (men's and women's), as well as lingerie (no underwear), shoes, swim wear, and accessories. Please help make this sale great!
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Big Moves Bay Area and friends of NOLOSE present:

Cupcakes and Muffintops
A size-positive, gender inclusive Fat Clothing Flea and Bake Sale where only the prices are small!
Sunday, August 9th, 2009 12-4 PM
Humanist Hall
390 27th St. Oakland, CA

Clothes sizes L and up, up, up! Butch, femme, men's, women's... and tasty treats, too!
Clothes $2-$7/per item. $5 door fee (applicable toward any clothing purchase).
All proceeds to benefit Big Moves Bay Area and NOLOSE

We still need clothing donations! We are asking you to dig deep and come joyously out of the closet with all the fat clothes that you don’t want anymore. They say if you have not worn it in a year, it is time to get rid of it – but don’t send it to the landfill! We’ll help your fat clothes find a great new home. That outfit that did not look right on you will be perfect for someone else! And you are raising money for fat culture at the same time. All you need to do is bag up your donations and email us at, or - we will schedule a time to pick your clothes up in the next 10 days. (We will pick up pretty much anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area!) We are taking wearable, non-stained clothes, shoes in good condition, scarves and accessories. Only clothes size L/men’s 36 and women’s 14 and larger, please!!! Donations accepted until July 26 only, so please act fast! Thank you in advance for cleaning out your closet!

And if you want to volunteer at the Flea, let us know! We need help with set up, clothes presentation, personal shoppers, getting the word out, security and more. Email to volunteer.

Unsold clothing will be donated to area shelters after the sale.
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On August 9th, Big Moves Bay Area will be having its first clothing sale/bake sale (Cupcakes and Muffin Tops!) as a fundraiser for our organization. We are starting to collect clothing donations so if you have things to give away, please think of us! We will accept clothing in all sizes, both mens and womens, but we particularly want clothing in all sizes of large (large to however many X's you've got). Donations to us are tax deductible and unsold clothing will go to shelters in the Bay Area.

I will be posting more donation information here and all over LJ as I get it, but I just wanted to get you all some advance warning so you can start cleaning our your closets. :)
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It was a busy weekend. I took S. to the Children's Museum and he had fun, especially after the field trip crowds cleared. Good gods it was crowded and loud when we first showed up. He was diffuse at first, as is typical, but after a while he got serious and focused and we spent nearly four hours there. Long but good day.

Saturday was rehearsal as usual for me. [ profile] catzen, [ profile] ptor, and S. did their usual walk around Berkeley while I danced and afterwards we all went to Cactus for lunch, as usual. We discovered that S. really likes the cabbage salsa--he ate a couple of small bowlfuls. It's good stuff.

On Sunday I headed back to Berkeley for our big Day of Dance. S. and [ profile] ptor stayed home because it was a five hour event. It was a good day. We had a lot of number of students and many new people which is really great. We had the most students for the Bollywood class which I expected as that is quite popular and fairly accessible. People seemed to enjoy the classes and the day as a whole so I was pleased. We even got a random person in off the street--she'd seen our sawhorse sign on the sidewalk and dropped in. Yay! The Fly Girls did a mini-performance of some works in progress. The first dance we did we *just* finished so it was truly a work-in-progress. But that's OK--I think it is OK to show rough stuff in a setting like that. It is what it is. The second dance is one that four of us have performed many times but our new people hadn't--it was less rough and everyone enjoyed our tail-feathers. It was also nice because we had three new people performing with us for the first time and they did great. Two of them had never really performed dance before at all so it was a big day for them. I am so happy to have them and everyone in our group. We have seven dancers right now which is a high number for us and we may be adding another. Good stuff. While I was dancing S. and Peter did their big walk to Starbucks and did yardwork. S. refused to nap for daddy so, yeah, that was what that was. By last night we were all pretty burnt.

Today S. and I kept it quiet and just played in the house. It was cold and windy outside and I am not feeling great (not Swine flu). We did lots of puzzles and general hanging out. [ profile] ptor had two interviews today so he was busy with all that. Tonight was a fundraiser for S.'s school at a funky local diner. They were donating 20% of all proceeds to the school for the night. In order to fulfill our fundraising hours for the year (it's a co-op school) we just had to go eat there and turn in our receipt to the fundraising committee. So we did. Fairly indifferent food. Not bad, just not outstanding. S. enjoyed his spaghetti and the cucumbers from my salad so he was happy.

That's all. School in the morning then maybe grocery shopping. [ profile] ptor has more job stuff to do. We are really hoping something comes through for him soon.
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Just a quick reminder that Big Moves' FREE Day of Dance is happening tomorrow (Sunday, April 26th) from Noon until 5pm in Berkeley. Come for all or part of the day. Details at the link above. Tell your friends!!!
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In Conjunction with Bay Area Celebrates National Dance Week, Big Moves Bay Area invites dancers and dancers-to-be of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels to a FREE Day of Dance April 26th, 2009, from 12-5pm at The Beat in Berkeley.

Experienced, size-positive instructors will offer classes in ballet, lyrical jazz, and Bollywood dance. Attendees will also be treated to a short performance by the Phat Fly Girls, Big Moves' dance troupe for the curvaceous and confident, and an empowering workshop on How to Move and Love the Body You Have. Attendees are welcome all day, or can drop in and out of classes. Just be sure to arrive 15 minutes before any class to register. Did we mention it's free?

What: Day of Dance
When: Sunday, April 26th, 2009 12-5pm
Where: The Beat, 2560 9th St. (between Parker and Dwight), Berkeley, CA
Cost: FREE

12:00-12:30: Warm-Up with Jessica Judd
12:30-1:30 Ballet with Katrin Auch
1:30-2:30 Bollywood with Vikashni Prasaad
2:30-2:45 Break
2:45-3:45 Lyrical Jazz with Jessica Judd
3:45-4:00 Phat Fly Girl Performance
4:00-5:00 How to Move and Love the Body You Have with Matilda St. John

All classes appropriate for beginning dancers as well as those with more experience

Big Moves is the only production and service organization in the world dedicated to getting people of all sizes out on the dance floor and up on stage. Recently featured on “Entertainment Tonight” and in a national PBS documentary, Big Moves Bay Area has also been named the “Best Place for Big Girls to Shake It” by the SF Bay Guardian. Big Moves offers performing and training opportunities for dancers of all sizes. To find out more about Big Moves, visit us online at

Big Moves Bay Area is a fiscally sponsored program of Intersection for the Arts.
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Go here to see a short five minute documentary about one of our dancers and the Phat Fly Girls, and the work Marilyn Wann and Sondra Solovay are doing around fat. At the end is some performance footage from our show and you will even catch me in some of the shots. I am very proud to have Kelly as one of our dancers.
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In case you hadn't noticed from my fifty billion show-related posts, we are having our big show this weekend. It really truly is worth the $10 and trip to Oakland (totally BART accessible, btw). This will be my last promotional post for a while.
Big Moves Bay Area presents:
Dance At Large
An all-new dance spectacular featuring the Phat Fly Girls-West Coast and
special guests
Friday & Saturday November 7th & 8th, 2008
Doors 7:30pm, Curtain 8pm
Laney College Theater * 900 Fallon St., Oakland, CA

(across the street from the Lake Merritt BART station)
Students: $8/advance, $10 door/General Public: $10 advance, $12 door
Tickets on sale NOW at
This location is wheelchair accessible

Some dancers just do it bigger. Dance At Large, Big Moves Bay Area's all new dance spectacular, celebrates this not-so-small fact in style with plenty of big dance from big dancers who aren't afraid to show you what they're made of. Dance At Large features the Phat Fly Girls-West Coast in hot new jazz, musical theater, lyrical and hip-hop numbers, combining sexiness, raw emotion, sharp choreography and a dash of humor with some seriously fierce full-bodied dance for an evening you'll never forget. The Phat Fly Girls’ performances will include the premiere of a new hip-hop work created specially for the Phat Fly Girls in all their ample glory by guest choreographer, Kim Sims-Battiste, Director of Culture Shock Oakland. Special guest artists include Raks Africa, NaachDuniya, Goddess Force, Rubenesque Burlesque, Culture Shock Oakland and more in a dazzling array of belly dance, Bollywood, burlesque, hip-hop and contemporary dance performances.

Promo photo of the Phat Fly Girls and some fine print )


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