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Photo of the Day for 03/07/16: Early Spring Trees on the Lake

Last April we went to Tahoe City for a few days. It had snowed prior to our arrival and it was a lovely mix of winter and spring while we were there. There was some snow around the lake, in random patches and places. On our first day there we walked down the path by the lake near where we were staying in Sunnyside and explored the beach area. I shot this at that time. It was nearing later afternoon and it was really blue between the sky and the water. I shot this mostly for the trees and and I like how the lake and mountains in the background create some texture and interesting variation in in color.

Early Spring Trees on the Lake
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Photo of the day for 03/06/6: Winter Color in Yosemite

I shot this on our first day in Yosemite when we visited in January. It is near the Lower Yosemite Falls trail. I was struck by all the different colors and how the snow and filtered light amplified them.

Winter Color in Yosemite
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Photo of the Day for 03/05/16: Snowy Details

Last April we went to Tahoe for a few days and on our way to Tahoe City we stopped at the SnoPark at Donner Summit so the kids could play in the snow. It had just snowed a day or two prior and it was fantastic and powdery and the kids had so much fun and so did we. I shot some of the snow with my macro lens and I am enjoying the detail and patterns in this one.

Snowy Details
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Photo of the Day for 03/04/16: Blooming Orange

Last March we rode the Niles Canyon Train from Sunol to Niles then back to Sunol. We really enjoy riding the train through Niles Canyon and spring is a particularly lovely time of year to go as the wildflowers are in bloom. While we saw lots of poppies on the train ride I was not able to really get any good shot of them, but when we returned to our car I saw that the ground near the parking lot was covered in poppies and the light was low enough to afford some decent shots of them.

Blooming Orange
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Photo of the Day for 03/03/16: Reach!

I shot this of reaching tree branches at Pleasanton Ridge in July of 2014. I took the kids there for a short and steep hike and general poking around.

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Photo of the Day for 03/02/16: Perched

A few weeks back a hummingbird was visiting the nectarine tree in our neighbor's yard and I could see it out our bedroom window. I grabbed by camera and got some shots of it through the window before it flew off. Here it is in silhouette, perched on a branch.

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Photo of the Day for 03/01/16: Contemplative Cat

Something kind of fun for today. When I was shooting plants in the yard the other day I took the camera inside afterwards to see what I could get of the cats. I really like this one of 'Stache, for the expression on her face as well as for the detail of her tiny spotted nose. She is looking out S.'s window here, a favorite hobby of hers.

Contemplative Cat
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Photo of the Day for 02/29/16: Pleiospilos

When we went to the nursery last week, S. picked out a tiny succulent, a Pleiospilos. It is quite small currently, so more than maybe four-five inches across. It is the front porch on a table with his other succulents and when we came home from school today we saw that it had flowered. The flower is sticking up straight out of the center of the plant and was quite brilliant in the sunlight. By the time we came home from swimming this evening it had closed up for the night. I shot this of to today with the 100mm macro. I like how some of the petals look like shadows.

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Photo of the Day for 02/28/16: Looks Like Spring

Spring around here is largely signaled by all the oxalis, everywhere. Our yard is full of it right now, as is pretty much all the open space around town. I shot this in our backyard a couple days ago.

Looks Like Spring
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Photo of the Day for 02/27/16: Mountains and Mist

Did you know we had great mist when we were in Yosemite? I know, I have talked about it A LOT, but it was REALLY AWESOME MIST. So good. This is one of my favorites so far and I submitted it to the FCAC show for judging today. I shot this on our last day in the park, as we were getting the car packed and ready to go to Badger Pass and then home. I was wandering around the grounds of the Yosemite Lodge shooting what I could of the morning mist before it, and we, left.

Mountains and Mist
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Photo of the Day 02/26/16: Spring's Promise

Last summer we visited the county fair a couple times as we typically do. This year we were there on the final day and I had forgotten that that was the day when all the plants in the garden/landscaping displays went on sale. We went to the sale and S. picked out a cactus, and we got a pomegranate tree and blueberry bush for our yard. The blueberry bush is currently in full bloom with a promise of many berries to come. I shot this late this afternoon of its lovely flowers.

Spring's Promise
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Photo of the Day for 02/25/16: Bark Details

A couple of weeks ago we took the kids to Henry Cowell Redwoods State Bark. Cowell is home to a grove of ancient redwoods and walking through it is pretty amazing. The kids have seen the giant sequoias in Yosemite, but this was the first time seeing the giant trees closer to home and they had a fantastic time. I shot this of the detail of the bark while we were there. Although it was 80 degrees and sunny in Felton, in the grove it was much cooler and much, much darker.

Bark Details
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Photo of the Day for 02/24/16: Sparks

On the second day of our trip to Yosemite last month we walked to the Ahwahnee in the early evening and had drinks in front of one of the giant fireplaces in the large common area. The kids, particularly L., LOVED the the fireplace. L. was mesmerized by it and he got a seat right in front where he could just watch it go. I too love watching fire so I was happy to sit with him and watch. When the logs would crackle, pop, and throw sparks he would ask me to take a picture of the thrown sparks. I played around with various exposures and found what I wanted to capture in this shot.

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Photo of the Day for 02/23/15: Birds on Branches

One of the delightful thing about living here are all the red-winged blackbirds were have. They fly around in large packs and make the most distinctive sound. Dozes often gather in a single tree and sing and sing. That noise is very much the soundtrack of so many hours we've spent at Ardenwood Farm. I shot this of the blackbirds gathered in a tree when I was there with L. a couple weeks ago.

Birds on Branches
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Photo of the Day for 02/22/15: Water, Rocks, Light

Water patterns and how they interact with light and rocks, sand, etc. beneath the surface are very interesting to me, photographically speaking. I shot this at King's Beach in the North Lake Tahoe area when we were there last April. The super-clear water definitely helped make this shot.

Water, Rocks, Light
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Photo of the Day for 02/21/16: Watchful Ravens

One of the fun things about Yosemite is all the ravens about. I captured this shot of these two near the parking lot near Bridalveil Falls when we were there in January. They were hanging out in this tree keeping an eye on everything and everyone. I like the detail of their tails here.

Watchful Ravens
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Photo of the Day for 02/20/16: Soapy Colors

When I take the kids to the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose I usually bring my camera, but only one lens, and shoot pics of the kids and whatever else interesting I can find. Sometimes the kids will play in one spot for a while so I have time to mess around with the camera. I shot this photo off a soap bubble made with a vat of soap and some strings that the kids carefully pull up with the help of a pulley system. I like the colors and swirls.

Soapy Colors
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Photo of the Day for 02/19/16: Stark Reflections

As I have mentioned, I really love capturing reflections in water. I shot this of Alameda Creek in Sunol Regional Wilderness a couple of weeks ago and I like the starkness of the winter branches contrasting with their busyness. I also am enjoying the perceived depth.

Stark Reflections
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Photo of the Day for 02/18/16: Decorated with Lichen

I really enjoy lichen. I like the added color, texture, and pattern it gives to trees, and I love how sometimes, the lichen is the only color happening. There was plenty of lichen on display at Henry Cowell State Park when we were there on Sunday and I shot this near the end of our walking around there.

Decorated with Lichen
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Photo of the Day for 02/17/16: Budding Spring

At the end of our hike in Sunol Regional Wilderness, I spotted these fascinating buds on a tree. I loved how they were partially open, yet still wrapped up, with a difference in texture and patter on the inside versus outside.

Budding Spring


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