Mar. 13th, 2016

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Photo of the day for 03/06/6: Winter Color in Yosemite

I shot this on our first day in Yosemite when we visited in January. It is near the Lower Yosemite Falls trail. I was struck by all the different colors and how the snow and filtered light amplified them.

Winter Color in Yosemite
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Photo of the Day for 03/07/16: Early Spring Trees on the Lake

Last April we went to Tahoe City for a few days. It had snowed prior to our arrival and it was a lovely mix of winter and spring while we were there. There was some snow around the lake, in random patches and places. On our first day there we walked down the path by the lake near where we were staying in Sunnyside and explored the beach area. I shot this at that time. It was nearing later afternoon and it was really blue between the sky and the water. I shot this mostly for the trees and and I like how the lake and mountains in the background create some texture and interesting variation in in color.

Early Spring Trees on the Lake
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Photo of the Day for 03/08/16: Rooftop Duet

Back in November we took the ferry to San Francisco to poke around the Ferry Building and surrounds for an afternoon. While waiting to return to the East Bay I noticed these crows hanging out on a nearby roof.

Rooftop Duet
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Photo of the Day for 03/09/16: A Mighty Bee

In August of 2013 we did an eight day trip of Seattle, Vancouver, and Victoria. We flew to Seattle, drove to Vancouver, spent four days there, took the ferry to Vancouver Island and spent two days in Victoria and surrounds and then back to Seattle for another couple days. After our ferry trip and before driving into Victoria we visited The Butchart Gardens which really was quite intriguing and beautiful. I was thrilled by all the bees present and spent a decent amount of time shooting them. I am getting ready to show a different shot of this bee in the PhotoCentral show and have shown that print at the FCAC in 2014. In getting my submission ready for the PC show I found this alternate shot. It is not as sharp as the one I am showing, but I am liking it.

A Mighty Bee


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